Chapter 473: [Martial Statues] (Part One)

Among these people, some of them just said thanks and left; they didn’t even tell Fei their names. There were worse people; some of them didn’t even say thanks. As soon as they saw that they were safely inside the Mythical Palace, they glanced around in greed and quickly left without saying anything. These people wanted to discover treasures and secrets that other people didn’t find before.

Fei only shook his head and didn’t say anything.

Soon, all of the people who were saved by Fei left on their own and disappeared into the streets made of yellow stones. They were here for different purposes, so they won’t gather up and explore together.

The Mythical Palace was enormous; it looked limitless as if it was a world of its own.

The invisible energy barrier on top of the Mythical Palace gave off a slight light, and it looked like the moon had lit this place up.

The structures in this place looked like the palaces of the gods; their style was completely different from the structures in the outside world as they looked ancient. Although there were more than 400 masters who had entered this place, it is nothing since the Mythical Palace was so big.

“Let’s go!”

Fei walked towards the center of the Mythical Palace, and Hazel Bank followed behind him. Even though this place looked calm and safe, they were both highly aware as no one knew what kind of danger was waiting for them.

After they walked to the east of the plaza for about 500 meters, Fei suddenly saw a statue that had a human face and a beast body; it was at least 40 meters tall. After Fei focused on it, he suddenly saw a figure standing beside it; this man was one of the few who got saved by Fei but left without thanking him. Now, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of life energy on him; he was dead.

Fei walked close to this man and observed the situation.

He discovered that this man still had a smile on his lifeless face, and this man’s eyes were still wide open. His hand was reaching out, and it felt like he was staring at this statue as if he discovered some treasure. However, all of his life energy and Warrior Energy were gone.

After Fei lightly touched his body, it turned into a cloud of dust. Then, more than a dozen silver light dots flew out of the cloud of dust and got sucked into the statue.

“This man’s strength is not enough, and he got his essence sucked away by this [Martial Statue],” Hazel Bank said as he followed up.

“[Martial Statue]?” Fei asked.

“Yeah, the statue in front of us is a [Martial Statue]. It is special! If a master is lucky enough, he or she would be able to communicate with the statue using the Spirit Energy. Each of the statues contains a Moon-Class Technique! It was heard that the powerful and influential figures made these statues in ancient times; this was a great way for their descendants to learn their techniques. However, the techniques in here are only useful for Moon-Class Elites. That is why almost no Sun-Class Lords would show up here.”

Hazel Bank knew a lot about this place, and he explained it to Fei patiently.

“I see……” Fei thought as he reached out to this statue using his Spirit Energy. He was a lot more powerful than the previous master, and he wasn’t afraid of the backlash. As soon as his Spirit Energy touched this statue, he felt a strong suction. He felt like his mind got pulled into a grey space, and the technique called [Vicious Beast Fist] appeared in his head.

Fei looked it over and shook his head. “Too bad that this [Vicious Beast Fist] is not fit for a human to cultivate, and its power is average; it is too inferior compared with my Invincible Emperor Fist,” he thought.

Fei’s learning ability was great, and he almost instantly grasped the concept of this technique. Soon, he realized that it was more fit for orcs to use.

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