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Hail the King Chapter 473.2

Chapter 473: [Martial Statues] (Part Two)

Too bad that orcs were extinct on this continent now, and this technique was pretty much useless.

“Only the human statues contain techniques that could be used by humans. The techniques contained in other statues aren’t fit for human cultivation,” Hazel Bank explained, “Also, the bigger the statue, the more powerful the techniques. Of course, the potential backlash is more terrifying as well. If Your Majesty is interested, I do remember a few good [Martial Statues] ……”

“Whatever. My goal is to find the Mythical Altar. The Mythical Gate would only be open for less than ten days, and I don’t have time to collect all these techniques. Besides, my current fist technique is not inferior to the techniques documented here,” Fei shook his head and said, “Let’s separate here and search; that way, we would have the highest chance of finding the Mythical Altar. If we do, we could contact each other using the pre-arrange method.”

“Ok, please be careful, Your Majesty. I will go look for the altar in the west,” Hazel Bank said before disappearing; even Fei still couldn’t see how this man went away. The Undead Mage’s level was really high!

Fei jumped onto a shrine that was more than 40 meters tall, and he took a good look at the surrounding structures. The structures in the area were of various sizes, but he couldn’t see the Mythical Altar that was supposed to be very tall. He jumped back onto the street and spread out his Spirit Energy. After locating the center of the Mythical Palace, he dashed towards that direction.

After spending some time in here, Fei was sure that the mysterious map Abramovich gave him in the fifth chest was the map of this place; he saw all of the key structures recorded on the map as he moved around.

Fei had memorized the map, especially a path indicated in green. He was currently traveling according to this trail, and he didn’t encounter any danger. There were a few small magic traps on the way, but he was able to dodge them since his Spirit Energy sensed their existence.

In less than ten minutes, Fei already moved forward for more than three kilometers. He had already seen some masters standing in front of [Martial Statues] trying to obtain the techniques contained in them, and he had also seen some masters who had entered dangerous magic arrays voluntarily to give themselves pressure and tried to advance to higher levels. Also, there were bloody corpses of masters lying on the ground.

This was indeed a dangerous place.

After seeing Fei who was almost sprinting towards the center of the Mythical Palace, a lot of masters were surprised. Dangers were everywhere in this place, and even peak Full Moon Elites couldn’t fly in the air and could only walk due to the mysterious power restrictions in this place. As a result, not a lot of people dared to move at high speed. If they triggered a powerful magic trap, they would die for sure.

“Is that the King of Chambord? So fast…… Doesn’t he know that it is very dangerous in here?”

“Humph! It is even more dangerous deeper into the Mythical Palace! There are a ton of undiscovered magic traps and murderous arrays! Even Sun-Class Lords have to be careful! This King of Chambord is too arrogant! Does he want to die?”

“Hehe, it would be good if he dies! Once he is dead, we can just search his body. I’m sure that he has a lot of good stuff.”

The masters in the area saw Fei dashing by, and they all had different reactions. Some of them raised their voices to warn Fei about the dangers, some of them sneered with envy, and some of them wanted to see him in trouble. They had their own plans, and they went back to whatever they were doing after Fei passed by them.

Fei stopped in front of a [Martial Statue] that was in the shape of a human warrior and was more than 90 meters tall.

“This must be the No.1 [Martial Statue] shown on the map!” Fei thought. There were a total of 36 [Martial Statues] on the secret map, and they were numbered from one to 36 where the No.36 [Martial Statue] was the deepest in the Mythical Palace. Each [Martial Statue] represented a region, and each region would get more dangerous as it got deeper in.

“What technique does this [Martial Statue] contain?” Fei thought as he used his Spirit Energy to touch this magnificent statue. After he closed his eyes and sensed it for a while, he opened his eyes and murmured in satisfaction, “So this is [Lightning Crackling Fist]. Eh, a New Moon Technique…… I can teach it to Uncle Lampard. It is a lightning-elemental technique!”

Since Fei had been practicing the techniques recorded on the purple scroll, his Spirit Energy was now extremely strong. Compared with other masters who required half a day or more to get a technique from one [Martial Statue] successfully, Fei only needed about ten seconds; it was unheard of!

After Fei inherited the technique from the No.1 [Martial Statue] and was about to proceed forward, a series of quiet and chilly laughter sounded. Like a ghost, a dash of vicious energy shot at Fei’s heart from the back without making a sound.

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