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Hail the King Chapter 474.1

Chapter 474: Danger in Dual-Flags City (Part One)

It was a sneak attack.

“Die!” Fei roared as if he already detected this. He turned around confidently and punched out!

Boom! His fist moved faster and collided with the palm that was coming at him.

A series of explosions sounded, and a few bone crackling noises appeared next. Then, a light gasp echoed, and a few drops of blood landed on the ground.

Afterward, the arm that appeared out of nowhere was nowhere to be seen again.

The attacker was capable of a great stealth technique! No wonder he was able to get so close to Fei.

However, Fei’s Spirit Energy was already spread out in the area, and any movement within 500 meters of him would be detected.

Right now, he was able to tell that the assassin was slowly moving away from him.

“Haha! Want to escape now? Too late! How dare you attack me! You need to pay the price!” Fei who had been silent sneered and dashed in a direction. As he opened his hand, he grasped at a direction forcefully.


A series of ripples appeared in the air.

It felt like Fei’s hand had cracked the space around him, and he pulled a man who was dressed in a tight black bodysuit out of nowhere. This man was small, and his eyes were tiny; he looked just like an assassin.

“You…… Impossible! How did you discover me?” the assassin asked as he was shocked; he couldn’t believe what was happening! At the moment, he was being lifted by the neck as if he was a chicken that was being pulled up by a farmer. His level 4 low-tier New Moon strength was locked down by Fei completely; he couldn’t get away at all!

“Who are you? Why are you attacking me?” Fei asked in a cold tone as he stared at this assassin.

“Hahaha! I won’t tell you! Alexander, you are dead! Even if you kill me, you will still be dead! You don’t even know how many people are after your secrets! I’m just a little henchman. Haha! If you let me go, I will tell you who they are……” the assassin calmed down and replied as a sense of viciousness flashed by his face.

“The secrets on me? If you want it, you need to prepare to be killed! Since you are not willing to tell me, then die!” Fei lost his patience.

Since this assassin’s eyes were rolling when he replied, Fei knew that this man was planning some tricks.


Fei lightly squeezed his hand, and the assassin suddenly stopped laughing. He was instantly turned into a cloud of blood mist, and the street and the structures nearby were all dyed red.


A bracelet-like item fell onto the ground; it had a faint yellow light on it.

Fei looked at it and realized something.

As he waved his hand, this bracelet flew into his palm.

“Eh? Interesting, no wonder…… I thought he had a special stealth technique, but it turned out that he used this bracelet to achieve the stealth state. Although it couldn’t block the Spirit Energy of masters, it is enough to hide from regular masters.” Fei observed this light yellow bracelet and identified the magic engravings on it. This bracelet was a good magic item that would allow the user to go into stealth for a period of time.

Going into stealth was a very interesting ability.

Among the seven characters Fei had in Diablo World, the Assassin Character could achieve something close to this. However, even though the Assassin Character was good at hiding and eliminating his aura, Fei still couldn’t reach 100% invisibility.

After some thought, Fei put this bracelet into his storage space.

“Perhaps the two mad scientists could decode the magic engravings and arrays on this bracelet. Maybe there are some surprises,” Fei thought.


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