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Hail the King Chapter 474.2

Chapter 474: Danger in Dual-Flags City (Part Two)

After Fei disappeared, five people who were wearing similar tight black bodysuits appeared on top of a shrine that was close to the No.1 [Martial Statue].

“Tec got killed! What a loser! He didn’t even injure the King of Chambord a little! Also, he wasted an Unreal Bracelet!” a man in black who was also thin and small murmured as he looked at the blood not too far away as a vicious expression appeared on his face.

“At least he proved one thing; it seems like Unreal Bracelets don’t work on the King of Chambord. When making moves next time, don’t rely on Unreal Bracelets too much!” another man in black suggested after a moment of silence.

“You are right; this King of Chambord is getting more powerful by the second. If our master isn’t interested in his rapid cultivation speed, I won’t try to provoke a man like him,” the man in black who was standing in the front of the group murmured.

“Hehe, what? Even the infamous [Demon Moon Assassin] Kust is afraid? The King of Chambord? He is only a little hillbilly who hasn’t even left the territory of Zenit yet! Even if he is a talented genius, he is like a piglet before he fully matures. Hehe, isn’t killing a piglet easy?” the man in black who spoke first mocked.

“It is not that simple; I feel like there is a terrifying energy hidden in his body. Let’s all be careful. Even if we succeed, let’s not leave any traces behind. Currently, he is still under the watch of Yassin, and we don’t want to trigger this emperor…… The King of Chambord is currently in the level 2 region of the Mythical Palace. Let’s follow up and attack when the opportunity is right; we shouldn’t scare him as that would only increase his guard.” The man who looked like the leader of the group made the decision, and he jumped off of the shrine and followed Fei’s footsteps.

The other four men in black also jumped off of the roof of the shrine and disappeared like ghosts.

It was obvious that they were all wearing Unreal Bracelets.



A stream of water jetted into the sky from a water well in Dual-Flags City.

An embarrassed figure hopped out and landed on the ground. This man was soaked, his face was pale, and half of his arm disappeared with the white arm bone somewhat visible. He was the King of Black Sand who got severely injured by Fei.

Since he was so injured, he could no longer penetrate through the 400-meter thick ground to get out. Therefore, he had to wander around in the water and finally found a water well. If he wasn’t able to find the exit soon, he might become the first Moon-Class Elite who drowned in water. The King of Black Sand sat down beside the water well weakly as he breathed in fresh air, looked at the sun, and felt scared.

For a long time, he had been dominating over the region; he had never been shamed like this before. It has always been him who was the bully, but he was injured so severely this time. He was scared and mad at the same time.

“I was lucky to escape in time. Otherwise, I would be dead by now……” the King of Black Sand thought with resentment. After he calmed down a little and used his Warrior Energy to suppress the injuries, he felt better and instantly dashed into the sky above Dual-Flags City.

As he looked down at the lively city below him, a vicious thought appeared in his mind. Enraged, he murmured to himself, “I heard that the King of Chambord is the guardian of this city. Hehe, I will destroy this city that he protects first to slap his face! Then, I will redeem myself by killing him after I recover……”

As he thought about that, he waved his hand, and a vast energy surge started to appear.

Although he was severely injured, the energy a Moon-Class Elite could pull was still a lot. Since Moon-Class Elites could somewhat see the Natural Laws of this world, they were able to move and use the natural elemental energy in the air. The King of Black Sand hated Fei to death, and he was willing to risk getting a backlash and wanted to destroy a part of Dual-Flags City to vent his anger.

The powerful energy surge in the sky instantly attracted the attention of the soldiers and masters in the city.

“Who is it?”

“Such power…… Who dares to attack Dual-Flags City?”

“Quick! Report to King Alexander! This man could stand in mid-air; he is already a Moon-Class Elite. Only His Majesty could deal with him!”

After sensing the hostility from the powerful figure in mid-air, all the commanders in Dual-Flags City were shocked. Only the top-tier decision makers in the city knew that Fei was gone right now.

“Is this a coincidence? A Moon-Class Elite appeared after His Majesty is gone? This is too dangerous. If something goes wrong, the city would be destroyed, and the residents would be killed!” they thought.

“Who are you? Why are you here in our Dual-Flags City? Leave immediately!” Ribry shouted in the watchtower on the west gate using his Warrior Energy.

“Bugs! Die!” a chilly voice filled with murderous intent sounded.

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