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Hail the King Chapter 475.1

Chapter 475: Uncle! Hug Me! Arthur Is Scared! (Part One)

Although this response wasn’t loud, it was like a hammer that struck everyone at Dual-Flags City. After this man expressed his hostility, the warriors of Chambord who were guarding the Mayor’s Mansion reacted first. Lampard who was the No.1 Master in Dual-Flags City right now jumped onto the roof of the Mayor’s Mansion and got ready to protect Angela and Elena. These two girls were the most important people to Fei, and he had to guard them with his life.

The King of Black Sand sneered in mid-air and looked at the city that was now in chaos. He enjoyed the pleasure that came from dominating over other people. The only thing that worried him was that Emperor Yassin built this city; the anger of Emperor Yassin wasn’t something that should be joked with. However, after he thought back to all the rumors that were passed around, he calmed down.

“Emperor Yassin is about to die; he couldn’t do anything to me,” he thought.

“Hahaha! Struggle! Be desperate! If you want to blame someone, blame that idiot King Alexander of yours! If he didn’t offend me like a dumb*ss, you guys might be able to survive like homeless dogs! Hahahaha!”

The King of Black Sand, who felt like he got the control of everything back, was experiencing a sick pleasure.

At this moment, a voice sounded, “Hey, Triangle Face! Is your act over? Is it fun to laugh like an idiot?”

This child-like voice sounded so sudden and so abrupt that the King of Black Sand didn’t even react fast enough; he thought it was one of his henchmen.

“Haha! I have control over their lives! It is entertaining to see them kneel and beg for their lives!” he said.

Suddenly, he realized that something was off. When he turned around immediately, he saw a cute boy who had long blonde hair and was wearing a set of black armor and a strange cat-like mask. From the initial impression, he felt like this boy was as naïve was a kitten.

“It’s you!” The King of Black Sand shivered at the sight of this boy.

He recognized this boy; this boy was one of the two people who stood by the King of Chambord! Since this boy was a lot smaller than other masters and had beautiful long blonde hair, it was hard to forget about him.

“This little guy is qualified to stand beside that King of Chambord, and he is now able to appear beside me quietly…… It is clear that he is powerful!” the King of Black Sand thought; he was experienced enough not to underestimate Arthur.

“Uncle, do you know me? I can’t find my mom and dad; do you know where they are?” Arthur said as he dashed at the King of Black Sand with a big bright smile on his face. As he opened up his arms, he said with his sweet voice, “Uncle! Hug me! Arthur is scared!”

“Damn kid! Get away!” The King of Black Sand won’t be fooled; anyone who could stand beside the King of Chambord won’t be weak! However, since this cute and innocent-looking boy was dashing at him, he didn’t strike out using full force subconsciously. After all, Arthur was way too sweet, and it definitely affected the King of Black Sand’s judgment.

“No! Uncle, hug me,” Arthur said as he continued to dash at the King of Black Sand.

“You want to die…… You…… Eh? Puff!”

Just in that split second, Arthur got close to the King of Black Sand. This man successfully struck Arthur’s chest, but the scene where Arthur’s chest exploded didn’t occur. Instead, he felt like his palm hit an iron plate that was empowered by magic arrays, and his palm was hurting a little.

Then, he suddenly felt like his chest turned cold as if something left his body.

Out of shock, he looked down and saw that this boy’s soft and pink hand had easily penetrated his chest that was strengthened by his Warrior Energy. When he turned his head around, he saw black bone claws extending out of his back with his heart in them. The three bone claws were reflecting a chilling light, and they were as sharp as a blade.

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