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Hail the King Chapter 476.2

Chapter 476: Assassins Again (Part Two)

At the moment, his knife was still flowing between his fingers as he played with it, and it seemed like this man was really confident and relaxed.

“The King of Chambord, just kill yourself now,” Dylanco said as he approached Fei and licked his lips.

A cold smile appeared on Fei’s face as he replied, “Why do I need to commit suicide?”

“It would be more comfortable for you to die that way. If I have to kill you myself, I will slit your throat first. Before you lose your conscious and completely die off, I will open a split on your head and let you witness how I skin you from your head to your toes…… Haha, you will experience the worst pain in your life! I can promise you that you will regret it! Isn’t that terrifying? What is your decision?” Dylanco stopped playing with his blade and asked Fei as sick and nasty lights appeared in his eyes.

“Who sent you? Why are you here?” Fei asked; he didn’t show any signs of emotion. Since the assassins who were after him were powerful and dressed in the same way, it was clear that they were conspiring against him, and Fei wanted to get some information.

“Hehe, why does a dead man need to know that much? If you can tell me how your strength increased so much in a short time and hand over your treasures, I can consider the option of letting you have an easier death,” Dylanco replied.

Although he was arrogant, he was still a professional assassin and would keep the critical information confidential.

“So, someone wants to know my secret around cultivation?” Fei understood. “It looks like my insane growth speed is attracting others’ attention. Who is this person? He or she is able to command Moon-Class Elites to assassinate me? Damn! This person might be even more influential than some emperors.”

“You want to trick me into spilling the beans? Haha, impossible! You will know after you are dead,” Dylanco approached his prey and said casually. When he was less than four meters away from Fei, he started to unleash his chilly and vicious aura. The murderous spirit rushed out of his body and dashed at Fei, and it left deep scratch marks on the ground and the structures around them as if blades combed through everything.

“Since this is the case, then tell me everything you know; I will let you die easier!” Fei laughed.

He had been through too many situations and battles in Diablo World, and his mental fortitude was beyond anyone’s imagination. The murderous spirit this assassin was proud of was nothing in Fei’s eyes.

After Fei mocked this assassin, he stepped forward and unleashed the aura of his own. Instantly, the lights in the area dimmed, and a faint red color dispersed into the area. It was breathtaking, and this assassin was completely enveloped by it.

“How come you have such a strong murderous spirit?” Dylanco asked as his body froze. He had an ominous feeling about this as the danger he was sensing was going through the roof. With his eyes wide open, he felt like he miscalculated something.

“I have killed too many shady people like you! I even lost count!” Fei replied.

Before his opponent could respond, he stepped forward and moved towards this assassin as he punched out with a fist enveloped by silver energy flame.

Invincible Emperor Fist!

Dylanco was shocked by this technique, and he unleashed his Wind-Elemental Warrior Energy. He instantly went into his peak state, and he raised his arms to block the attack as he got ready to back off.


The pain he sensed stunned him! It was a surprise to him that his arms were easily destroyed by the King of Chambord’s weak-looking punch.


After that merciless fist broke Dylanco’s arms, it followed up and struck his chest. Same as before, Dylanco’s Warrior Energy couldn’t protect him against Fei’s fist. As a result, this vicious assassin’s chest concaved in, and it soon got penetrated.

“No…… You aren’t a level 1 low-tier New Moon Elite! You are already a mid-tier New Moon Elite……” Dylanco backed off as he shouted with blood spurting out of his mouth. Now, he realized what kind of a mistake he made!

“But how could a new Moon-Class Elite who advanced three days ago be a mid-tier New Moon Elite?” this assassin thought to himself.

However, he would never know.

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  1. Walensium

    Easy battle. Thanks for the chapter

    • MidKnight

      An assassin giving away their stealth? Unqualified and crappy assassin.

      • WirlWind

        They did say that the ‘stealth’ was useless and not to bother using it.

        If you’re already discovered, it’s pointless to keep it up.

  2. OG

    How many levels of map did Fei find? I thought it was more than 36?

  3. Buhri

    Author could make it clear the levels of the moon class…

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