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Hail the King Chapter 478.1

Chapter 478: This Path is Blocked! F*ck off! (Part One)

“I think we should continue to follow him,” after a few moments of silence, that assassin who was referred to as [Demon Moon Assassin] spoke. He was more powerful compared to his peers, and his reasoning and logic were also clear. After a brief moment of pause, he continued, “Any master would have weaknesses. We are assassins and not warriors; we don’t have to fight him directly. We are good at seizing the split-second opportunities and killing enemies in one strike. There are a lot of dangers in the Mythical Palace, and it seems like the King of Chambord is trying to find something. We could follow him and keep a safe distance. If he triggers some traps, we could just ‘help’ him a little behind his back. He would be easily killed if we could utilize the existing dangers here. We don’t have to be stronger than him to kill him; we just need to spot the opportunities.”

“Oh! Haha! Great! Guys, you got to clap and praise him,” someone applauded and shouted as if he agreed with [Demon Moon Assassin]’s point of view. However, the mockery and disdain weren’t hidden in his voice.

The four assassins were all shocked.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

They all back off for four to five steps, and they turned around and got ready for battle. They knew that this person wasn’t one of them, and the fact that this person could appear beside them without getting spotted or sensed by them was terrifying.

As soon as they saw this person, they were all stunned.

Not sure when, but a blond boy who looked like he was nine to ten years old was sitting on the base of the statue. At the moment, he was wearing a set of black armor, had a bottle of wine in one of his hands, and was swinging his lower legs happily. As he smiled at them, he licked a drop of golden wine on his lips.

It was too strange for them!

“Who are you? It is not ethical to listen to others’ conversations,” Captain Modo asked as he signaled his team members not to move; after all, the appearance of such a cute boy was too bizarre.

“Listen? I’m not here to listen to your conversations!” the boy said as he patted the base of the statue that he was sitting on. With a naïve smile on his face, he added, “Who am I? Oh! I’m the person who is going to kill you.”

The tone of this young boy was very casual; if he said that he was here to bring them food with the same tone, it wouldn’t sound weird.

However, this reply was like a rumble of thunder in the four assassins’ ears. A person who could get this close to them without them noticing was already scary enough. If this boy wanted to kill them, it would be more terrifying.



After he handed all the errands to the Undead Bone Dragon, Fei hurried towards the core region in the Mythical Palace.

Currently, he was already in the level 11 region. The pressure in here was too powerful, and the air was too dense. The gravity alone could make a Three-Star Warrior not able to move. A terrifying amount of energy elements could be sensed from the two sides of the street, and it was clear that there were a ton of powerful magic traps everywhere.

Fei tightly followed the path indicated on the map, and he was able to dodge all the potential dangers.

Soon, he entered the level 12 region.

Fei had encountered a few masters in these regions. The people who could enter regions level 8 or higher were the elite exploration forces; they were all at least level 8 low-tier New Moon Elites. They all prepared well, and they were progressing at a slow speed. Except for a few unlucky ones who were trapped, the others all moved forward toward their destinations. The only thing was that their pace was way too slow compared with Fei’s.

Along the way, Fei had collected 12 Moon-Class Techniques from the various [Martial Statues]. Although they were useless to Fei, they were all great techniques that could be given to the Saint Seiyas of Chambord after some tailoring.

After Fei entered the level 13 region, he heard a series of roars and explosion noises. Then, he sensed a ton of energy surges. Fei frowned and paused his steps; if he wasn’t wrong, powerful masters were battling each other not too far away. After all, it didn’t feel like a magic trap or a killing mechanism was triggered.

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