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Hail the King Chapter 478.2

Chapter 478: This Path is Blocked! F*ck off! (Part Two)

The incident was occurring on Fei’s path, but he dashed forward after a short pause.


“Who is it? This path is blocked! My master is dealing with some matters at the moment; please turn around and go back!”

Suddenly, a dash of silver wind that was as sharp as a blade shot at Fei, and two men suddenly appeared. That voice came from the person who had an arrogant expression on his face.

Fei, who was rushing forward, easily crushed that dash of wind. He paused and took a good look at these two. He realized that he didn’t know anything about them; both how they looked and how they dressed were new to Fei, and it was clear that they weren’t from Jax nor Zenit.

“I’m only passing by. I’m not interested and won’t participate in the battle,” Fei told them the truth.

He wanted to find the Mythical Altar as soon as he could, and he wasn’t interested in the conflicts between other masters. Although this Mythical Palace would be combed by many masters every time the Mythical Gate opened, it was just too big! People would find treasures that weren’t discovered by previous generations each time.

However, as soon as treasures were found, bloody battles would occur. There were no rights nor entitlements in this place as killing and robbing happened everywhere. Only the most powerful masters could become the owners of the treasures.

Even though Fei wanted peace, these two men didn’t think that way.

“F*ck off! Shut up and disappear right now!” the two men were way too arrogant.

Fei’s eyes opened wide as he was infuriated. However, he suppressed his anger; he didn’t want to waste his time and energy in meaningless battles. He tried to explain patiently, “I will repeat what I said; I won’t interfere with whatever you are doing. I’m only passing by……”

“F*ck off! You b*stard! Did you hear me? Get the f*ck out! Or I will have to kill you!” before Fei could finish, the man who was more than two meters tall roared impatiently and raised his hand. Another dash of sharp wind shot at Fei’s face.


Fei raised his hand and broke this wind.

With a cold expression, he said slowly, “Last time! Move!”

“Yuck! Kid, are you blind? We are doing some important stuff right now; how dare you ask me to move? Who do you think you are? You know what, you don’t need to go back. I will chop your head off and show others who might come here the consequences of disobeying my words! Let’s kill him!” this man laughed and signaled his friend to kill Fei together.

These two men were only level 1 low-tier New Moon Elites, and their foundations were weak. It was clear that they got to this level by using external forces such as elixirs. However, if one had to guess their power level from their arrogant attitude, he or she might say that they were peak Full Moon Elites.

Fei shook his head and didn’t want to explain anything anymore.

Whoosh! His body turned into a dash of lightning.

He passed by those two like a shadow.

Those two men didn’t even catch Fei’s shadow with their peripheral visions, let alone reacting in time. They felt like a strong wind blew by them, and many fists dashed at them like meteors. At this moment, Fei was already more than 60 meters behind them, and he continued to rush towards the core region of the Mythical Palace.

Fei’s strikes only came at those two men after he passed them, and the attacks were so fast that they were far beyond these two men’s expectations.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The fist marks landed on them like raindrops in a storm, and they couldn’t defend against the strikes at all. The cracking noises and the muffled beating sounds created a symphony.

These two men were frozen in mid-air as the fist marks that Fei left behind continued to cave in parts of their bodies……

Only after the 131 fist marks all landed on them, they finally fell onto the ground and collapsed. As they lied in pools of blood, they looked up with shock and fear in their eyes.

Since the confrontation wasn’t to the extreme, Fei didn’t kill them and let them live.

The battle that Fei sensed was happening 500 meters away.

Fei looked up and saw two people fighting each other aggressively on a plaza that had a fountain. It was hard to spot these two people as they were moving really fast, and their yellow and blue Warrior Energy Flames were burning vigorously. However, Fei could tell that they were either level 2 or level 3 mid-tier New Moon Elites.

On the two sides of the plaza, there were two groups of people waiting for the outcome of this battle.

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