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Hail the King Chapter 479.1

Chapter 479: Master (Part One)

There were two groups of people standing on the sides of the plaza, and it seemed like they were waiting for the outcome of the battle.

One group had about eight people, and it seemed like those two men who tried to stop Fei were from this group as they dressed in a similar fashion. These people all surrounded a young man who was about 17 years old and looked arrogant, and these people looked vicious as if they were going to kill anyone who dared to mess with them.

There were only two people in the other group. One of them looked like a guard.

The tight-fit leather armor on this guard looked shiny, and there were magic energy surges around the armor, indicating that this armor wasn’t just for looks. Also, the bulky muscles on his body almost broke the armor. In addition, he had a unique murderous sensation that only soldiers who had been through hundreds of battles could have.

It seemed like this guard wasn’t worried about the opponents on the other side; his attention was focused entirely on the person in front of him as if this person was the only thing that mattered.

The person who was being protected by him as a mid-aged man.

This mid-aged man looked majestic, and he was in his 40s. His eyes were big, and his eyebrows were thick. However, he couldn’t be considered handsome; he was not ugly at best. The eye-catching thing about him was his long blue hair; it was fluttering in the air like a rippling ocean. Even though he had no energy surge on him, there was a blue bead that was about the size of an egg rotating on the fingertips of his right hand. The bead was giving off a dazzling light, and this man had a mysterious and calculative presence. The combination was unique.

Fei almost understood the situation instantly. Even though the strengths of these two groups of people were all powerful, he wasn’t planning to slow down. Instead, he sped up and dashed forward.

He didn’t want to interact with these people, but he had to pass through them if he wanted to follow the safe path indicated on the map. Therefore, he made up his mind and rushed forward as a silver light sphere appeared around him. Like a dash of lightning, he rushed into the battle zone where those two masters were fighting.

Since he had the experience with those two men by the entrance, he knew that words alone wouldn’t be effective. Fei didn’t want to waste more time and decided to rush through by force.


As soon as Fei entered the battle zone, those two warriors reacted instinctively. Since they were unfamiliar with this ‘intruder’, they both cast their most powerful strike at Fei instantly. However, Fei was prepared. He punched out using both of his fists, and he easily dismantled the attacks from both warriors.

The two warriors were shocked. They both felt the massive pressure from Fei, and they were forced back a little by the terrifying fist marks. For a moment, the Warrior Energy inside their bodies fluctuated violently, and they had to stop for a second to gather themselves. Therefore, a moment of pause appeared in the battle zone bizarrely.

In that second, Fei already passed by them and disappeared into afar.

However, at that moment, Fei suddenly felt like someone terrifying glanced at him.

Although it only happened in a split second, it felt like a very long time from Fei’s perspective. He felt like that glance contained indefensible power and could see through everything. Fei really felt like all of his secrets were exposed.

“Such a terrifying master! I misjudged! There is such a terrifying master among them!” Fei thought.

He sweated buckets, and his heart raced. After he got glanced at, he sped up even more and rushed forward as he followed the direction giving on the map; he wasn’t planning to turn around and identify this master.


Fei’s suddenly appearance put an unexpected stop to the battle that was happening.

The two masters who were fighting looked at each other and went back to their groups.

“Fight! Why did you stop? Kill them three! I want the bead in that guy’s hand! Go get it for me!” the young man who was surrounded by several warriors who weren’t from the adjacent empires shouted arrogantly.

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