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Hail the King Chapter 479.2

Chapter 479: Master (Part Two)

This young man looked like he was from an influential family, and his arrogance and self-pride weren’t hidden at all. If people observed him closer, they would realize that there were a ton of magic energy surges on his body. This magic energy enveloped him and made it hard to see through him.

However, the temperament and presence of this young man didn’t make him look like a master; he was more like a spoiled child. It was hard to tell why a person like him was in this Mythical Palace that was very dangerous.

His yelling was classless, and it placed the warriors around him in a rock and a hard place.

On the other side, the warrior who looked like a guard bowed at the blue-haired mid-aged man and said with guilt, “Your Majesty, please penalize me! I stained your honor! He is powerful; I couldn’t defeat him in a short time.”

“It is ok; it is not your fault. Anthony, back off for now,” the blue-haired mid-aged man said. His tone was neutral, but it had a natural prestige with it; he wasn’t faking it. Even his simple movements looked meaningful and majestic.

“As you wish!” this blond guard named Anthony bowed again and stood behind this man with shame; it felt like he was really embarrassed by the fact that he didn’t defeat his opponent.

“Hey, blue-haired ghost! Yeah, you! Hand over your bead! How dare you disobey my order? Your three low-life bugs should be chopped into meat paste……” that young man pointed at the blue-haired mid-aged man and shouted.

Pia! A crisp slapping noise sounded.

The young man got slapped away like a punching bag.

A red palm mark appeared on his face! Half of his face swelled, and a lot of his teeth fell out of his mouth. From his expression, it seemed like his mind was in a blank state and still didn’t react yet.

The warriors who were supposed to be this young man’s guards were stunned. Then, they quickly rushed toward the young man and protected him. Some of them were level 5 mid-tier New Moon Elites, but they didn’t see how the blue-haired mid-aged man slapped their young master.

“Ahahaha! Slap me? How dare you? You are dead! Dead! Ahaha, are you guys pigs? I got beat! I got beat! Go and kill him! I’m going to turn his head into a wine cup! No! A pee cup! Kill him!” the young man finally came to his sense and shouted. Perhaps the burning pain on his face triggered him, he was madder than a coyote that got its partner taken away during mating.

At this moment, his guards didn’t obey his command.

When the blue-haired mid-aged man took a step forward, everyone felt like the surrounding changed. All of the structures and the buildings around them quickly disappeared from their visions, and this blue-haired mid-aged man was the only thing that they could see. Even though this man only took a step forward, his presence struck the guards like a huge mountain.

Even level 7 mid-tier New Moon Elites felt like they were grains of sand in front of this blue-haired mid-aged man.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The guards all kneeled with their arms propping their upper body up. Their bodies were shivering, and their Warrior Energy Flames were burning vigorously as if they were trying their best not to collapse onto the ground completely.

“You are only a few foreigners who have low-grade bloodlines! How dare you be this arrogant in the Mythical Palace?” the blue-haired mid-aged man said as he lightly shook his head. He looked at these warriors who were now kneeling on the ground with disdain in his eyes.

After that, he left without doing anything to them.

“Let’s go! The old friends are already ahead of us!” the blue-haired mid-aged man said to his two guards and walked toward the core region.

Every time he took a step forward, his body would flash and appear a few hundred meters away; it seemed like his steps followed a unique natural law. After he took five steps, he already disappeared into afar. The two powerful and murderous guards of his also followed him tightly and soon disappeared.

“Ah! You damn slaves! Idiots! Trashes! They are all gone! What are you all kneeling for? Stand up and chase after them! Chop that blue-haired pig’s head off! Go!……” the young man who was terrified rubbed his swollen cheek and shouted at his guards who were still kneeling on the ground.

However, no one responded to him.

The young man was infuriated. His guards who should have listened to his demands disobeyed his orders two times today! They didn’t move when he told them to take the blue bead from that blue-haired mid-aged man, and they still weren’t moving after that man had left.

Suddenly, something terrifying happened.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

His guards started to explode. It didn’t matter if they were peak Nine-Star Warriors or mid-tier New Moon Elites, their bodies blew up as if they were watermelons that were smashed by hammers. Red and white matters flew into the air, and no complete corpses could be seen in the area.

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  1. Leon

    Hope this nameless arrogant Y.M survive this so that he will diw gruesomely

  2. BellCross Wolfstein

    I don’t know why, but the mid-aged man (lol, are we not going to stop this yet? Shouldn’t it be middle age?) feels luke Yassin.

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