Chapter 480: The Corrupt Church (Part One)

“AH! AH! What is going on?” this young man was shocked by the terrifying scene.

The brain matter and the blood of his guards fell on his face, and he almost instantly fainted.

At this moment, something occurred.

Crack! It seemed like something broke as two pieces of beautiful jade fell onto the ground.

“No……” the young man screamed desperately.

This piece of jade was a magic item that his father gave him to protect his life; it was able to cancel out the terrifying pressure and gravity in the Mythical Palace. However, it broke into two pieces.

Therefore, the magic energy surge around his body gradually disappeared.


The young man collapsed onto the ground. He was only a Five-Star Warrior! Without the protection of his guards and the magic item, he lost the ability to survive. Like a sheep that fell into a pond of alligators, he could only wait for his death in this dangerous environment.

No one knew how that blue-haired mid-aged man made his move; that man’s strength was beyond anyone’s imagination. After all, he easily killed multiple masters and destroyed the magic item on this young man like a god. Only at this moment, the young man regretted offending this terrifying enemy, and he finally recalled what his father said to him the day before; his father kept on reminding him to act low-key and tolerate others.

“Save me…… Save me…… Who can come and save me?”

This young man who was arrogant a moment ago cried out for help. He was being pushed onto the ground by the pressure, and his face paled as he felt like his death was approaching. However, who could hear his cries in this vast and empty region? Who would be willing to save someone who could only be a burden?



Fei didn’t know what happened behind him; he continued to dash toward the core region of the Mythical Palace.

For some reason, Fei got anxious after seeing those two groups of people and being glanced by someone powerful. He had a bad feeling as if something big was going to take place. He felt like he had to find the Mythical Altar as soon as he could, or his world would be turned upside-down.

As Fei sensed the unprecedented pressure, he even stopped getting the techniques from the [Martial Statues]. As he rushed forward, he detected some energy surges ahead of him. The energy surges were so powerful that he wasn’t even sure if he could win if he had to face these people.

Since there were already people ahead of him, Fei got even more anxious.

“How is Hazel Bank doing? He hasn’t communicated with me for so long…… Has the Undead Bone Dragon finished those assassins yet?” Fei thought. However, since these two were powerful and had a ton of experience, Fei calmed down a little.

As he continued his sprint, Fei realized that his map was different from the maps that other masters had. Except for those two groups of people he met earlier, he didn’t run into any other people. Because of that, it meant his map was more secure, and he was a little relieved.

Soon, he entered the level 21 region.

The pressure got stronger, and Fei had to unleash all his power to fight it. Silver lights could be seen around him, and he started to feel the tow on his body.


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