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Hail the King Chapter 481.1

Chapter 481: The Influential Person and the Followers (Part One)

When Jessie returned, he realized that his peers were gloating and looking at him with hostility; the way they looked at him made him feel like he was a fish on the chopping block. After he counted the numbers, he was a bit surprised; however, he soon knew what was going on and sighed.

“Did people die?” Jessie walked to Pellegrini and asked.

“Tali was killed by the trap on the ground. I hope his soul could rest in peace in the God’s arms……” Pellegrini closed his eyes and prayed for the dead. Afterward, he looked at the young priest and questioned coldly, “Jessie, you need to explain yourself. Why are there traps on the path that you said is safe?”

“I don’t know,” Jessie answered as he lightly shook his head, “I swear that I walked on the path that I indicated is safe with my own feet.”

He was really earnest.

“Safe? Yuck! You are lying! You devil! You damn b-----d! You are trying to kill us, right? Six of our peers had died on the path that you indicated is safe! Jessie, are you trying to kill us all? This is unforgivable!” a priest who almost died shouted at Jessie as he pointed him at the noise.

The others also slowly got closer, and some of the Holy Knights were placing their hands on the hilt of their swords.

After a sigh, Jessie turned around and asked the only Holy Knight who didn’t show any hostility towards him, “Alan, where was Tali killed?”

“There……” Alan pointed at the location of tragedy with his sword.

With a calm expression on his face, Jessie walked towards that location. Everyone’s attention was on his feet, and the short five seconds felt like it was more than 500 years in the eyes of these members of the Holy Church.

Jessie finally stood on the place where Holy Knight Tali was devoured by the crack on the ground, and everyone was surprised.

They were all shocked; what they anticipated didn’t occur.

Jessie stood on the street that was layered by yellow stone tiles, but that killing mechanism didn’t appear. As a breeze blew by, it fluttered Jessie’s silver hair. At the same time, the cross symbol on his black robe looked magnificent.

This scene looked impossible in the others’ eyes.

“How is this possible?”

The priest who accused Jessie of lying was mad. He walked towards Jessie and pushed him away; he was planning to prove his point by stepping onto the same location……

At this moment, something unexpected happened.

Boom! A huge crack appeared on the ground, and the vast suction force was about to pull this priest, who didn’t react in time, into the abyss……


“Move it!”

“Damn it! That death abyss!”

Everyone shouted, but no one dared to help that poor priest. The chilling energy and the suction force made everyone sense their deaths, and that priest fell into the abyss……

At this moment, white Holy Power flashed, and someone quickly approached the abyss and placed his hands on this priest who was about to be pulled down.


As this person tried to pull this priest out of the abyss, the terrifying crack on the ground finally disappeared.

That priest mostly out of the abyss, but the part of his body that was below his knees all disappeared with the abyss. The person who saved his life was the young priest Jessie.

“Ah…… My legs! My legs are gone……” that priest screamed, and he looked tragic. As if his lower legs were chopped off by a sharp blade, there was a clean and smooth cut. White bones and bloody fleshes could all be seen, and blood spurted out of the wounds.

“Quick! Save him!” Jessie yelled anxiously, pouring his white Holy Power into the wounds on this priest’s body; he was using [Healing Spell] and tried to help this poor priest.

“What happened?” other people in the Execution Team were stunned, including Red-Robe Deacon Pellegrini. Their first reaction was not to save the injured priest but to look at Jessie in shock. Nothing was going on when Jessie stood on that location, but the crack appeared and almost killed another priest when he stood on it.

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  1. BellCross Wolfstein

    Jessie is wasted with these bunch of hypocrites.

  2. Kareem Hussaini

    Jessie for Pope!
    He and Fei can change the Holy Church and the Undead Church (?) together.

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