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Hail the King Chapter 483.1

Chapter 483: [Sand of Earthly Anger] (Part One)

Jessie saw the expressions on everyone’s face; he actually didn’t care that much about it. He had experienced this kind of treatment for a long time now.

Especially after he sensed the corruption in the Holy Church, he realized that Black-Cloth Shrine and its faith was the purest. Therefore, he believed in the shrine even more.

“One day, the once glorious and blessed Black-Cloth Shrine will return with power! We will prove to everyone that our beliefs and our faith are the only ones that are worthy of the [Code of God]! All the pain and suffering we are experiencing right now are just a test! One day, the holy light of God will re-shine on Black-Cloth Shrine! The Mount Black-Cloth on Waulu Mountain that is closed for 45 years will open its gates again!”

Jessie said to himself.

“Let’s continue,” he looked at Red-Robe Deacon Pellegrini and said calmly, “I know that you have another mission on top of killing Undead Mage Hazel Bank. Don’t worry; I’m the master that Bishop His Highness told you about. Since I got asked by the Bishop of the Northern Regional Church, I will assist you with all my power. From now on, you all have to stay within 20 meters of me. Don’t stay behind! If you guys are too far, I won’t have time to save you. Also, don’t be afraid of using your Holy Power. This is a hazardous place after all! If you want to survive, you got to be at your peak and be 100% aware of the surroundings.”

At this moment, Jessie appeared different from how he looked before.

Pellegrini had a complicated expression on his face, and he nodded and said, “Ok, we will follow you tightly.”

After what just happened, this Red-Robe Deacon was now very patient and polite towards Jessie. Although Jessie was from Black-Cloth Shrine and could never enter the core power circle, he was still a Half Moon Elite. If the Execution Team wanted to survive in this Mythical Palace, they would need to rely on him. After a series of shocks, Pellegrini who was drowned by the feeling of power woke up; he didn’t want to offend any powerful masters.

Since the Red-Robe Deacon changed his attitude, the other members of the team also followed suit.

However, that priest who got saved by Jessie no longer looked thankful after knowing that Jessie was from Black-Cloth Shrine. He quickly moved away and was afraid that others might mistake his connection with Black-Cloth Shrine. The human mind was cruel and mean sometimes.

However, Jessie wasn’t mad. In his mind, he only saved this priest because that was in line with the faith of Black-Cloth Shrine. He did what he had to do, and other people who were blinded by external factors won’t change his mind.

“Follow me and lighten your steps,” Jessie said to everyone after he clarified the directions.

Actually, everyone on the team had a copy of the map; they were drawn by masters who went through this place by trial-and-error. However, since it had been many years before the Mythical Gate opened last time, some changes took place, and their maps weren’t 100% safe. Out of everyone who entered Mythical Palace, only Fei’s mysterious map was indeed 100% safe.

This group of people wasn’t fast, but they moved forward steadily.

To them, the robes and armors that they were wearing weren’t 100% useless. At least the masters who were in this Mythical Palace didn’t dare to have wicked thoughts about them.

However, other people weren’t that lucky.

In some degree, the Mythical Palace was an orderless and chaotic space. The people who entered could be righteous and evil, and there didn’t lack people who looked righteous in the outside world but were actually evil bastards.

The people who entered this place were all influential figures in the outside world, and the evil ones would turn their attention onto other masters after not getting anything. The spatial storage rings, armors, and weapons were all potential causes for murders and robberies.

Without the discipline and order in the outside world, evil would prevail.

These masters were humans too, and they were susceptible to evil thoughts.

For everyone in this Mythical Palace, danger didn’t just come from the magic traps and killing mechanisms but also each other.


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  1. Pef

    Only Fei had a perfect map, and not even the all mighty church did not.
    Also, the priest without legs seems fine and keeps walking along with the other priests. Kinda badass to walk on stumps.

  2. Shadowminion

    Oh of course there’s a shrine that Fei will join.

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