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Hail the King Chapter 483.2

Chapter 483: [Sand of Earthly Anger] (Part Two)

On another path, [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s team of more than ten people faced the most significant danger they had encountered when they entered level 21 region. Two mid-tier New Moon Elites targeted them.

These two were wearing ordinary clothes that any resident at Dual-Flags City would wear, but their strength was shocking. At the moment, mists covered their faces and sealed their identities.

However, the murderous spirits passed through the layer of mist and locked onto this group of people. Without saying anything, they attacked using their most powerful strikes.

“Who are you?” [Snow Mountain Hermit] wasn’t in a good situation as he had to fight a 1v2 battle. As he unleashed all of his Warrior Energy, he shouted, “Why are you trying to kill us?”

“No reason. We just want to kill people and rob their treasures,” one of them said with a hoarse voice. It was evident that they used their Warrior Energy to alter their voices so that their identities won’t be discovered.

However, these two people were powerful, and their coordination was on point. They continued to attack [Snow Mountain Hermit] and wanted to kill this threat as soon as they could. As in terms of people like Fairenton and Modoc, they were nothing in their eyes.

“Humph! We must know each other! Otherwise, why would you hide your faces?” [Snow Mountain Hermit] questioned as he summoned his Combat Weapon and turned his red Warrior Energy into a tornado-like swirl. His strength increased, and every single strike from him was enough to create a mini-earthquake. The power he was demonstrating at the moment was far beyond the power that he used against Fei; this should be his real strength.

The two mysterious masters were shocked by this, and they were forced back by [Snow Mountain Hermit] continuously.

In the next moment, the two masters divided up. One of them continued to attack [Snow Mountain Hermit], and the other one turned his focus onto people like Fairenton. As he sneered and struck out, the weakest four Nine-Star Warriors were instantly turned into blood mist. Even Modoc and Tony who were both Moon-Class Elites paled. The former’s body shook violently while the latter spat out a mouthful of blood. At this moment, one could easily compare Modoc’s and Tony’s strength.

What was shocking was that Fairenton who was only an Eight-Star Warrior was fine. An orange light sphere appeared and enveloped him, and it cracked after this strike hit it.

“What is this?” that mysterious master was stunned. He sensed the indefensible energy from that light sphere, and he backed off immediately.

Fairenton calmed down after sensing the power in his body. He stood by his Senior Brothers, Modoc and Tony, and released an orange light sphere that enveloped. Like a huge mountain, this sphere wasn’t damaged at all didn’t matter how hard this terrifying master attacked it.

On the other side, [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s curved Combat Weapon flew around him, attacking and defending at the same time. His fire-elemental Warrior Energy was used to the max, and his presence looked impressive. Even though he was in the advantage, he couldn’t kill his opponent in a short time.

The time passed by slowly.

One hour later, Fairenton who was really anxious suddenly heard a voice in his head.

“This is not how you use this Protective Combat Weapon.”

This prince was very familiar with this voice. Before he could react, that voice said, “Take a good look! This is the real power of [Sand of Earthly Anger].”

As soon as that voice finished speaking, Fairenton felt an insane amount of energy exploding in his body. An orange sand grain rushed out of his hair, and this sand grain was extremely beautiful. Each of its many facets was smooth, and it was shiny like a diamond. It instantly grew larger into the size of a fist, and it easily penetrated the body of one master as it dragged out a long orange tail in the air. However, it wasn’t done there. With its residual power, it turned in mid-air and instantly penetrated through the body of the master who was battling [Snow Mountain Hermit]. After all of that was done, it dashed into Fairenton’s forehead and disappeared into his body.

Bam! Bam!

The two masters fell onto the ground.

Their chests were penetrated through, and there were two huge holes in their bodies. Their internal organs were all turned into meat paste, and blood gushed out of the holes like fountains.

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