Chapter 484: Approaching (Part One)

“It’s them!”

After the two mysterious masters were killed, the layers of mist that were covering their faces disappeared and revealed their identities.

[Snow Mountain Hermit] instantly got mad after seeing their faces. He knew them, and they could be counted as his friends. They had always wanted to buy one of [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s collected treasures, but [Snow Mountain Hermit] refused. After not getting what they wanted, they conspired against him and planned to kill him!

“Master, are you ok?” Fairenton, Modoc, and Tony quickly came up to their master; they were the only people left in the team.

“I’m fine.” [Snow Mountain Hermit] waved his hand.

As he looked at the remaining flesh of his Nine-Star disciples, he felt angry and sad at the betrayal of his friends. He brought his disciples here because he wanted to see if he could find appropriate magic traps for them to practice in. There was the chance that those Nine-Star Warriors could advance into Moon-Class. But……

[Snow Mountain Hermit] shook his head and dispelled his emotions. After he thought of something, he looked at Fairenton and said, “I didn’t know that man paid so much attention to you, and he is willing to put the Saint Weapon of Jax, [Sand of Earthly Anger], into your body. With the protection from this item, nothing could harm you as long as you don’t enter a Mythical Trap.”

“I only knew about the [Sand of Earthly Anger] just now; I wasn’t trying to hide it from you, Master,” Fairenton quickly explained himself; he was afraid that his master would be suspicious about this.

“Humph! That is a lie! Since you have this Saint Weapon, how come you didn’t use it earlier to kill those two? Why did you only use it after all other Junior Brothers have died? You are young, but you are poisonous already!” Tony who was quiet suddenly pointed his finger at Fairenton as he accused; he was too jealous of what Fairenton had.

“Shut up!” Before Fairenton could reply, [Snow Mountain Hermit]’s face dropped as he scolded Tony. The latter was shocked since his master had never been so harsh on him, and he backed off a few steps unwillingly.

[Snow Mountain Hermit] didn’t hold Tony accountable further. Instead, he turned to Fairenton and said calmly, “Don’t worry. [Sand of Earthly Anger] is the supreme treasure of Jax, and it makes sense that you have it since you are the Crown Prince. I’m just happy for you since that man has put so much emphasis on you.”

Fairenton sensed the caring from his master, and he was touched. He quickly bowed to express his gratitude.

“Ok, let’s continue forward. We have wasted enough time, and we might be late.”

About one day has passed since the Mythical Gate opened, and [Snow Mountain Hermit] looked at the direction of the core region of the Mythical Palace with a hesitant expression on his face. As if he made a hard decision, his appearance turned valiant, and he moved forward with his three disciples.

Tony rolled his eyes and quietly took the spatial storage rings of those two dead masters. Then, he took the valuables from the corpses of his Junior Brothers and followed suit.

After half a minute, something happened.

A loud booming noise sounded from afar, and it felt like the entire Mythical Palace was going to be destroyed. Godly-level energy radiated outward, and [Snow Mountain Hermit] and his disciples who were far away from the explosion could still tell how powerful and indefensible this energy was.

Even though the power the [Sand of Earthly Anger] showed when it killed those two masters was insane, it was nothing compared with the radiating energy.

“Is another powerful master demonstrating his or her abilities?”

Fairenton, Modoc, and Tony were all stunned; they felt tiny and powerless at that moment.

[Snow Mountain Hermit], on the other hand, had a concerned expression on his face.

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