Chapter 484: Approaching (Part Two)

After a moment of pause, he said, “Let’s continue!”

This group of people quickly disappeared into afar.

After they were gone, transparent ripples fluttered the space, and two people slowly walked out from it and showed up on the bloody battleground.

“Your Majesty, this sensation…… That man is here!”

“Eh, that guy is still arrogant! Damn, no one would like him.” The man who was referred to as the emperor was short, but he had the golden crown on his head. His presence was shocking, and his muscular body looked powerful; he gave people the feeling that he was in control of the world.

“This is getting more and more interesting. Who would be the final winner? Perhaps after the Mythical Gate closes, both of us will die here,” he said.

“No one can defeat Your Majesty, and the final winner has to be the Jax Empire!” the person beside him replied.

The short emperor laughed, “No one could always be the winner, and no one could always be the protagonist…… Let’s go and meet up with old friends.”

After he said that, an orange light flashed by, and the two of them disappeared.



Time passed by quickly.

In just the blink of an eye, it was already the second day since the opening of the Mythical Gate.

Fei was the luckiest one in the Mythical Palace! The closer he was to the core region, the more magical and profound the map, that Manager Abramovich gave to Fei as a gift, seemed. In just a day, Fei was already in the level 31 region; this region was considered a super dangerous zone where only Sun-Class Lords could enter.

On the way, Fei didn’t trigger any magic traps or killing mechanisms.

During this time, Fei found some time and entered Diablo World to kill monsters and level up. His Barbarian Character completed two quests and was now level 34. That was a massive boost in strength! The Barbarian Character was now equivalent to a level 4 low-tier Half Moon Elite!

Since he advanced in ranks, there was supposed to be a challenge thrown at him by this world.  However, Fei was inside this isolated and mysterious Mythical Palace, so it didn’t arrive. That meant although Fei had the strength of a Half Moon Elite, his understanding of the natural laws was still at the level of a New Moon Elite.

The pressure and the gravity in level 31 region were beyond terrifying, and Fei had to slow down a lot. Although he wasn’t crawling, he couldn’t run anymore. He moved forward one step at a time, and every step took a lot of energy. As if he was a 60 years old man, he had to be careful with every step of his.

The silver energy flame was shining brightly on him, and he had to unleash all of his power to fight against the pressure.

After a full day of exploring, Fei only entered the level 33 region.

Right now, Fei could no longer proceed forward. If he forced himself anymore, his body would break down. Therefore, he had to find a location in the level 33 region to hide; he was planning to enter Diablo World to increase his strength again.

Fei entered [Lut Gholein] and got the fourth and fifth quest from NPC Drognan.

He got to [Palace Cellar] through the hidden entrance in the [Palace]. After traveling through the cellar and killing monsters, he finally found the portal to [Arcane Sanctuary] at the third level of the cellar.

This portal looked like the two arms of a giant that were twisted together, and it was made from a grey unknown-metal. The structure was smooth, and the runes engraved on it were connected and looked mystic. The bottom half of the portal was an arched gate that was about three meters tall, and the top half of the portal was a smaller half circle with a radius of half a meter. There was a circular gear that had a radius of 30 centimeters inside this small half circle, and it was static and looked like a huge eye that was slightly open.

This portal currently had no energy on it and had no functionality.

According to Fei’s memory, he had to press his palm against the grey metal and inject some magic power into it.

He did that, and the runes on the portal instantly lit up. A blue light was radiating from the portal, and a blue energy screen appeared in the arched gate.

Out of the few hours he spent in Diablo World, this portal gave him the most profound impression.

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