Chapter 485: Discovery (Part One)

The King tried to find more information on this portal that was very different from the other portals in Diablo World; he wanted to see if he could sense some spatial magic in there. However, he wasn’t successful since this portal was much complex compared with the simple portals in Diablo World.

The materials, magic knowledge, and magic runes required to build this thing were far beyond Fei’s current level.

Through this portal, Fei arrived at [Arcane Sanctuary].

This place looked like it was located in space! Fei could see the shiny stars and the universe around him! This structure was built using an ancient and unknown material, and the corridors were connected efficiently. There seemed to be no limitations in terms of space and time, and the atmosphere of this place gave Fei chills.

On the long corridors, there were a ton of monsters that could use fire-elemental spells, suck away others’ mana, and deal a ton of physical damages. This sanctuary was supposed to be safe and peaceful, but it was filled with evil and violence now.

After four hours, Fei finally covered one-half of the map. When he exited from Diablo World, he had leveled up to Nightmare Mode level 40, and his strength was equal to a mid-tier Half Moon Warrior.


After returning to the real world, Fei continued to move forward.

Since his strength increased, the pressure in the level 33 region bothered him less. A silver glare was reflecting off of his skin as if it was made from diamond, and there was so much vitality in his body that it was comparable to a dragon’s. When he walked, there was a wild and dangerous sensation coming off of him.

After half a day, Fei was finally at the border of the level 34 region. The [Martial Statue] there was already more than 200 meters tall, it was reaching the invisible energy barrier on top of the Mythical Palace. This statue was a mid-aged man who had no weapon and armor. However, there were four more arms underneath his armpits, and there was a powerful energy on it. It was so majestic that it looked like a god that came down to this world.

Fei didn’t try to get the technique from it. The suction force within this statue was so high that Fei felt like his Spirit Energy would be instantly consumed by it along with his soul. When Fei stood within 100 meters of it, the pressure coming from this statue grew so much that it was almost unbearable.

Since the time was tight, Fei entered the level 34 region directly.

The pressure and gravity increased again; if a knife landed on the ground, it would be pressed into a sheet of metal. Only the real masters could stay in here.

If anyone who was below the realm of Moon-Class was thrown in here, they would be instantly turned into blood mist.

Fortunately, Fei was still able to move forward slowly.

After another half a day of walking, Fei was finally close to the border of the level 35 region.

What surprised him was that he sensed 30 to 40 powerful energies in front of him when he was about 1,000 meters away from the border.

The surging energies were so lively that they couldn’t be the energies emitted by magic traps or killing mechanism; only human masters could have this type of power. Among them, Fei was very familiar to a few.

“Some people got here earlier than me?”

Fei was shocked beyond belief! He only got this far with the help from that mysterious map; did others also have maps like this? If that was the case, then Fei won’t be in an advantageous situation.

Fei quickly moved forward.

Some of the energies were unstable, and exploding noises sounded frequently. It was clear that people were fighting. Judging from the intensity of the explosions, they weren’t going to stop unless one party died!

Fei arrived about five minutes later, and five to six powerful energy surges already disappeared. It was clear that some masters died during the battle.

“What is happening? Why are so many masters fighting with each other?”

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