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Hail the King Chapter 485.2

Chapter 485: Discovery (Part Two)

Fei soon got to where the fights were happening, and he didn’t enter the battle zone instantly. Instead, when he got to the outer edge, he slowed down and started observing.

More than 30 people were facing each other.

There were pools of blood and torn flesh on the ground, and they indicated the intensity of the battles. There were still powerful energies radiating from the pools of blood and the corpses, telling Fei that the deceased masters were not weak.

As soon as Fei got close, almost everyone in the battle zone looked at him.

These stares were filled with hostility, and it felt like they were going to kill Fei if Fei did something wrong. In their eyes, Fei was here to take away their treasures.

Fei moved calmly. He ignored these aggressive and vicious stares, and he started to observe the surroundings.

This was a rare open space in the Mythical Palace. Surprisingly, the location where the [Martial Statue] should be had a unique altar-like structure on it.

This was the first time that Fei saw an altar-like structure in the Mythical Palace, and he instantly got excited.

However, the king was disappointed after he realized that it wasn’t the altar that he was looking for. Compared with the Mythical Altar that could purify the stained [World Stone], this altar lacked in both size and presence.

This altar was also made from yellow stones like the other structures in the Mythical Palace, and its architectural design was simple. It was only about ten meters tall, but its radius was more than 100 meters. If someone took a look from above, they could see that it was in an octagon-shape, and there were eight identical structures on each of the sides. These smaller structures were made from an unknown grey metal and looked like the two arms of a giant that were twisted together.

“This…… These are too similar to the portal that leads to [Arcane Sanctuary]! Are they spatial portals as well?” Fei was stunned when he saw that.

After the observation, Fei knew that there were 31 masters in the area, and they were divided into more than a dozen groups. Most of them were teams of two and teams of three, and these teams stood far apart from each other. The hostility and the murderous spirits weren’t hidden at all.

There were a few of Fei’s ‘acquaintances.’

For example, there was [Snow Mountain Hermit] and his three disciple, Fairenton, Modoc, and Tony, the Execution Team of the Holy Church that was now lead by the Red-Robed Deacon and a young handsome priest who Fei wasn’t aware of, and the handsome Crown Prince Girano of the St. Germain Empire who was accompanies by his four beautiful maids……

Of course, Undead Mage Hazel Bank and his Undead Bone Dragon Arthur were among the masters, and they were secretly winking at Fei. These two were standing not too far away from their mortal enemies, the people from the Holy Church, but the God-Fooling Badges that they were wearing greatly concealed their Undead Energies. The Execution Team of the Holy Church didn’t sense anything!

Except for these ‘acquaintances,’ a few other groups of people caught Fei’s attention.

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  1. Leon

    That prince still bring his harem wherever he goes xD
    Usually mc that bring harem hahaha

  2. Leon

    Wait… I thought they at place that is dangerous for sun class lord, pretty sure that old priest and jessis is moon class elite so how is those weaker priest/church knight can come this deep?
    Well thank for more chapters

    • OG

      Probably implies an”unassisted sun class”? Everyone here has lots of special items providing buffs.

      I want Fei to rally this group.

    • I think it is implied that a Sun-Class Lord with nothing might be in danger. However, since these big forces all have treasures and secret items, they would be able to enter this place. Just like how that arrogant young man who got killed earlier was able to enter this place as a Star-level Warriors.

  3. BellCross Wolfstein

    It’s funny how HB and Arthur kept sending him signal glances while near the executioner team lol.

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