Chapter 486: Elemental Gates and Instant Kill (Part One)

Two big men, who were wearing black magic armors, were closest to the octagon-shaped altar, and they were guarding a blue-haired mid-aged man as the three of them walked forward. There were a few masters’ corpses standing behind them, and it was clear that they were killed with one strike! They still had their wicked smiles on their faces, their corpses were still in a battle position, and the energy surges were still in their body; however, the life energies were nowhere to be found.

It was clear that the explosions Fei sensed came from them.

Fei could tell that those two guards like men were dominant; they were both top-tier New Moon Elites. It seemed like they were from the military as the murderous spirits of soldiers could be sensed on them. On the other hand, the blue-haired mid-aged man was way too strong. Even though Fei was already a Nightmare Mode level 40 Barbarian, he still couldn’t see through him. However, his sharp Barbarian instinct told him that this man was extremely dangerous, and one shouldn’t mess with him.

At the same time, Fei had a strange feeling; he felt like he had met this man before, but he couldn’t recall where he met him didn’t matter how hard he tried.

As these three people stepped onto the altar, the atmosphere in the area tensed up; Fei could tell that all the masters in the area couldn’t help but chatter among themselves.

Some masters stared at those three people with vicious and stimulated lights in their eyes; Fei knew that they wanted to stop those three men. However, the five corpses that were still standing on their trail kept on telling the other masters not to misbehave. This bloody scene forced these masters to hold on to their murderous spirits.

“Could there be something special about this altar?” Fei was a little curious.

He was still standing by the edge of the area, and he didn’t walk in further to destruct the subtle equilibrium that was already built up. He just stood there to quietly observe the situation and didn’t want to become the target of everyone.

With everyone’s eyes on them, the blue-haired mid-aged man and his two guards got onto the altar and started to wander around as if they were strolling in their backyard garden. After a while, they finally walked to the portal-like structure on the northern side of the octagon-shaped altar.

Then, they waited.

The three of them stood on the altar and looked at the masters down on the ground patiently.

“Haha! There are now only seven [Elemental Gates] now! Our St. Germain Empire is going to claim one as well! Does anyone have objecting opinions?” Crown Prince Girano glanced around with a smile on his handsome face and asked loudly. When he looked around, his eyes shortly paused on Fei before moving away. As he continued to laugh, he walked towards the altar with the four beautiful maids.

“Yuck! St. Germain Empire? It is only a little level 2 empire! How dare you to be this arrogant?”

“Yeah! You are only a top-tier New Moon Elite! You don’t know how weak you are! How dare you want to claim an [Elemental Gate]? Hehe, back the f*ck off with these four women! Otherwise, you might be killed!”

“Hehe, there are so many people here, and only the most powerful eight people could claim the eight [Elemental Gates]. With the help of these portals, one could avoid going through the level 35 region and enter the level 36 region directly! Whoever could enter the level 36 region would have the chance of getting super lucky and claiming the biggest prize! Hehe, young man, I think you are too young. No one could just get an [Elemental Gate] by dropping a name! Even the masters from the level 9 empire couldn’t achieve that result!”

“Hey, you girly-looking guy! Leave these four b*tchs here and disappear right away! Otherwise…… Hehe……” someone got obscene ideas towards the four maids Girano had. It made sense since these four beautiful maids had different temperaments; one of them looked cold, one of them looked cute, one of them looked sexy, and one of them looked majestic. There was no doubt that they were attractive to powerful cultivators.

Fei frowned upon hearing all that.

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