Chapter 487: Master Show (Part One)

It was a huge surprise! Who could have thought that the young prince who was now a level 3 top-tier New Moon Elite could kill several masters easily? One of the masters who died was a Half Moon Elite, far beyond Girano’s level.

That black wand!?

Almost everyone’s attention focused on the wand that was about 20 centimeters long and was as thin as a thumb. The black-purplish crystal orb at the top was about the size of a pigeon egg, and it was giving off a little godly and indefensible energy.

“Could it be…… A God-tier Item?”

“Ah…… Black Crystal…… I know! That is [Black Crystal Wand]! The scepter of the emperor of the St. Germain Empire! It is a legendary Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon!” someone thought of something and shouted.

Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon.

These words made the masters in the area fall into a state of craziness. They all stared at the wand in Girano’s hand and gulped down their drools.

Combat Weapons were the primary weapons of the masters on the Azeroth Continent. They could be divided into eight levels, and anything higher than level 6 was rare, and Semi-God-tier Combat Weapons were beyond level 8. These weapons could be considered as strategic weapons, and many empires only had one. If powerful masters could use them, they were able to change terrains and change the outcome of a war.

If two people were on the same level, the person who had a Semi-God-tier Weapon would be able to kill the enemy easily. It would allow warriors or mages who kill thousands of enemies on their level. With the help of Semi-God-tier Combat Weapons, a Star-level Warrior was able to fight a Moon-Class Elite, and a Moon-Class Elite was able to fight with a Sun-Class Lord! The only thing was that a ton of energy was required to use a Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon. If a Star-level Warrior were to use it, he or she Warrior Energy and Life Energy would be instantly sucked away.

For a moment, almost everyone in the area wanted to their hands on the Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon that Girano had. However, no one dared to make a move. After all, if Girano wanted to, he could even battle a Sun-Class Lord! Although he couldn’t use this Combat Weapon for long, no one wanted to be the sacrificial lamb!

With this Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon, Girano was one of the most influential people here.

Therefore, as this Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire looked around, no one dared to look back at him.

Since no one dared to object him now, Girano finally stepped onto the altar and claimed an [Elemental Gate] with the help of [Black Crystal Wand].

Eight minus two is six; there were only six [Elemental Gates] left.

This scene made Fei wonder.

“No wonder there are people who aren’t supposed to be here like Prince Fairenton who is only an Eight Star Warrior; he must have something special on him as well.”

The ‘weak people’ were standing in this level 34 region with no issues. Although not everyone could have a Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon like Girano, they must have their trump cards.

At least Fei sensed a vague energy on Fairenton, and that energy wasn’t weaker compared with Girano’s [Black Crystal Wand]; it was probably a Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon as well.

Suddenly, a series of mumbles sounded.

A tough-looking bald man who was taller than everyone here walked out in silence and walked towards the altar; he was wearing a golden crown and was probably an emperor.

Although the masters in the area weren’t short, their heads could only reach this man’s waist! It turned out that this man was sitting down before, and that was why he didn’t catch a lot of attention. Behind him, two thin elders were following him, acting as his servants.

Although the three of them didn’t say anything, their expressions were arrogant, and it seemed like they didn’t care about others’ opinion at all. As if they were lions walking among a herd of deer, they went directly for the altar.

“Stop! You three want to occupy an [Elemental Gate]?” two masters who were level 5 or 6 mid-tier New Moon Elites gave each other a look and sneered.

They blocked the path of these three men, and one of the two masters observed that tough-looking man disrespectfully and teased, “Big guy, f*ck off! Muscle doesn’t equal strength!”

“Hehe…… Hehe…… How dare people stand out in front of the Emperor of Eindhoven? I already smelled blood……” the two elder who looked like dry-corpses laughed at the same time, and their bodies turned into black shadows. After a split second, they returned and stood behind the tough-looking man.

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