Chapter 487: Master Show (Part Two)


The two masters who stood in their way shivered a little before collapsing onto the ground.

Their heads were smashed open like watermelons that got hammered, and their skulls were completely crushed. However, their corpses from neck down were still intact.

On the other side, the two devil-like elders revealed their hands. Their black fingernails were more than 20 centimeters long, and they looked sharper than metal blades. On them, there were white and steamy brain matters.

“Hehe…… The brains of masters sure are tasty!” the two elders laughed and licked the white brain matters off of their nails as if they were the tastiest food in the world. Almost everyone’s face paled, and a few people threw up directly.

Now, no one dared to stop these three.

The two elders were terrifying enough, and the tough-looking man who hadn’t shown his strength didn’t seem weak as well. Them three together were qualified enough to get an [Elemental Gate].

There was another moment of silence.

“Time is about up. Jessie, let’s go up as well,” Red-Robe Deacon Pellegrini walked up half a step and whispered.

After seeing that there were only five [Elemental Gates] left, the members of the Execution Team were getting anxious. The mission the Bishop of the Northern Regional Church gave them could only be completed in the level 36 region, so they couldn’t wait anymore.

“Ok.” Jessie nodded.

His handsome face looked pale at the moment. The Execution Team that was comprised of more than 30 people only had 12 people left. Except for the Red-Robe Deacon, the most powerful one was a level 2 low-tier New Moon Elite. This team only got here because Jessie tried his best to protect everyone; as a result, a lot of his Holy Power was used.

One [Elemental Gate] could only teleport five people, so it meant that seven people of the Holy Church had to stay behind. Pellegrini stabbed his golden cross wand onto the ground, and a light sphere that had a radius of about ten meters enveloped this wand; it was enough to protect the people who were going to stay here from the enormous pressure.

When deciding on who could enter the level 36 region, there were some conflicts. No one was willing to give up the opportunity of going to the heaven-like core region in the Mythical Palace. In the end, Pellegrini chose two of his henchmen and left one spot for Jessie to pick.

“Alan, come with me,” Jessie gave this spot to the weakest Holy Knight who was the only one who cared for him; at the moment, Alan only had the strength of Eight-Star.

“Ah? Me? Thank you, Mister! Thank you!” Alan was very surprised; he didn’t expect that he would be lucky enough to be picked. As his peers looked at him with envy and jealousy, this low-level Holy Knight felt like his fate was about to be turned around.

Under everyone’s respectful and fearful stare, the five people of the Holy Church walked up and occupied an [Elemental Gate].

The masters were respectful and fearful not because of their strength but of their identities. The Holy Church was a dominating force on the continent. Even though there were more powerful masters here today, no one dared to stop them. If anyone attacked them, the perpetrators would be condemned and hunt down by the Holy Church. Even Sun-Class Lords didn’t dare to fight with the Holy Church directly.

Soon, only four [Elemental Gates] were left.

It meant that half of the opportunities were gone, and the atmosphere got even tenser.

Suddenly, someone said at this intense moment, “Michel, let’s go!”

As soon as this voice sounded, an orange flame flashed by. As everyone’s vision blurred for a second, two men already appeared underneath the fifth [Elemental Gate].

One of them was shorter than 1.7 meters tall, and he had long curly hair, thick beard, and deep eye sockets; Fei couldn’t tell how strong he was. The other person was a bit taller and wearing a yellow armor. His body was tough, and he looked ugly. With those two factors combined, he looked like a dinosaur who was about to devour humans.

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