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Hail the King Chapter 488.1

Chapter 488: Misplaced Arrogance (Part One)

These two people who suddenly appeared on the altar looked just like the members of the Jax Empire. By the majestic look on the short man’s face, one could tell that he must be from their Royal Family.

Everyone was shocked

They were all masters who traveled for millions of kilometers to get here, and they were all influential figures in the outside world. Since these two men were able to use natural laws and almost teleport in the level 34 region, it was clear that their strengths were not inferior to the blue-haired mid-age man’s and Girano’s.

Who dared to block them?

There were only three [Elemental Gates] now.

“Eh, Arthur! Stop drinking! Let’s go up now.” Hazel Bank peaked at the King who was standing far away, thought of something, and nodded negligibility. He used the same technique those two men from Jax used, and Arthur and he both appeared on the Sixth [Elemental Gate] in a flash without any energy surge.

This Undead Mage’s peak Full Moon strength was demonstrated completely.

In just a second, another [Elemental Gate] found its owner.

There were now only two [Elemental Gates] now.

All of a sudden, all other masters in the area got anxious, and frenzy and dangerous lights flashed in their eyes. It felt like they were gambling addicts who were on the verge of bankruptcy; they were going to risk their lives and commit to the final bet.

Fei exhaled on the outer edge of the area; he knew that he had to move now as it was the perfect opportunity.

If there were only one [Elemental Gate] left, all the masters in the area would risk their lives and fight over it like mindless beasts! If Fei tried to claim the last [Elemental Gate], he might face a lot of potential backlashes; that would be the worst-case scenario.

However, unexpected changes occurred.

Everyone’s face changed color as they sensed an insane amount of magic energy approaching. In just the blink of an eye, this energy covered a distance of more than a few kilometers!


Another powerful master was here!

It was unbelievable! It was hard to jump into the air in the Mythical Palace, let alone flying! However, this newly appeared master completed suppressed the pressure in the level 34 region and flew in like a dash of wind. Before anyone could react, he already landed on the altar.

This man was too fast! Four seconds after this mysterious man flew by, the huge storm created by his speed finally arrived. The masters in the area weren’t even able to stand straight properly, and a few poor souls were knocked down onto the ground while puking up blood.

Such power!

Everyone was dumbfounded! This mysterious man’s strength was almost beyond people’s imaginations!

The masters in the area looked up, and they saw a mage standing under the portal that was in the southeast side of the altar. This mage looked like he was about 50 years old, he had short grey hair on his head, and his pupil looked strangely green. His entire presence was mystic and dangerous!

After he looked around and saw that most of the [Elemental Gates] was occupied, he closed his eyes and waited for the last spot to be claimed.

No one in the area dared to challenge a master like this. Therefore, everyone was staring at the last portal on the northwest side of the altar. There were still 36 people left. Except for the seven members of the Execution Team who couldn’t enter the level 36 region, there were 19 people left including Fei who wanted to claim the last spot.

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  1. Vash the Stampede

    wtf, why didn’t Fei go with Arthur and Hazel?

    • Leon

      They enter this place together… Everyone know that yet he dont want to go with hazel bank now…
      He prob wan be an a-s and punch ppl to show off his power lol

    • They wanted to spread out and see if they could find the Mythical Altar in other regions.

  2. Rekt

    What the hell fei! Why didn’t he go with hazel!!

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