Chapter 488: Misplaced Arrogance (Part Two)

Suddenly, changes occurred again.

A master suddenly dashed at the last [Elemental Gate] and wanted to take others by surprise.

However, before he could reach the altar, he was attacked by everyone else in the area. The masters roared and used their most powerful strikes, and various-colored energy flames burned vigorously……

“Ah…… No!!!” this man screamed desperately.

Although he wasn’t weak, he was only able to defend against a few strikes before he was turned into a cloud of blood mist.

Another master deceased.

However, that was only the beginning of the chaos. The fragile equilibrium was broken, and several masters dashed at the only [Elemental Gate] that was available.



“This [Elemental Gate] is mine! I will kill whoever is in my way!!”

“Hahaha! Kill! Kill them all! I will get this [Elemental Gate] even if I may die! I’m almost 300 years old, and I couldn’t wait for another opening of the Mythical Palace!”

The masters all fought with each other.

Anyone who dared to move faster would be attacked by everyone else and killed instantly.

After seeing this, Fei also started to walk towards the altar.

He was adjusting his internal state and was reaching the peak of his power. Every time he took a step forward, his aura would increase in power. Like a bow that was being pulled open, there was more and more tension placed on the bowstring.

The situation was chaotic, and death appeared one after another.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, a dash of orange light appeared. Every time it flashed, a master would explode.

No one was able to defend against this light, and it left a trail of broken corpses.  Even though some masters summoned their Combat Weapon, but their level 3 or level 4 Combat Weapons was no match against it. These inferior Combat Weapons were easily penetrated through.

“Semi-God-tier Weapon!” someone shouted, “Damn! Back off! It is the [Sand of Earthly Anger]! The treasure of the Jax Empire! Why is it here?”

The term ‘Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon’ was magical; as soon as that master shouted it out, everyone calmed down and backed off a little/

In front of Semi-God-tier Combat Weapons, they knew that they were as weak as ants.

That orange light drew a curve in the air before returned to its owner’s hand; it was a huge sand grain that was the size of a fist. It had many facets, and each facet was burning an orange flame, and it made people feel like it was a sun!

The person who was now holding the [Sand of Earthly Anger] was Fairenton.

This Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon that was enlarged by more than 100 times was now rotating on top of Fairenton’s head, and it emitted thousands of strands of orange light and enveloped Fairenton, Modoc, Tony, and [Snow Mountain Hermit]. These light strands were virtually indestructible!

“Haha! The last [Elemental Gate] is ours! Who dares to stop us?” Tony laughed arrogantly.

This worst disciple of [Snow Mountain Hermit] couldn’t hide his excitement.

Of course, he was also standing behind Fairenton and looking at Fairenton’s back with jealousy and viciousness; perhaps he was already thinking about how he could get the [Sand of Earthly Anger].

After hearing Tony’s word, the less than ten masters all looked mad. However, they didn’t dare to say anything back. [Sand of Earthly Anger] was too powerful; even though its power wasn’t fully used, it could still easily destroy their bodies.

“Haha! Is no one answering? I will give you all another opportunity! Is there anyone who dares to stop us? Haha!” Tony said ignorantly again. He was in love with this sense of power! He felt like he was the person who was controlling the Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon!

[Snow Mountain Hermit] frowned, and it was clear that he wasn’t pleased by this disciple’s behavior. After all, such action would only create many enemies in the future. However, for some reason, a powerless expression appeared on this man’s face, and he didn’t stop Tony.

Instead, he put his palm lightly on Fairenton’s back, and this prince of Jax had his Warrior Energy restored.

After knowing that Fairenton had the [Sand of Earthly Fire] on him, [Snow Mountain Hermit] told this disciple a lot of techniques when using Semi-God-tier Combat Weapons. Also, he also stored a portion of his own Warrior Energy in Fairenton’s body using a special technique. With his Royal Jax Bloodline and the Warrior Energy from [Snow Mountain Hermit], Fairenton was able to use the [Sand of Earthly Anger] as an Eight-Star Warrior and stun other masters in the area.

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