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Hail the King Chapter 489.1

Chapter 489: Who Are You? (Part One)

If they didn’t have the [Sand of Earthly Anger], it would be impossible for [Snow Mountain Hermit] and his disciples to get an [Elemental Gate] when there were powerful masters around.

However, even though Fairenton only used this Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon for a few seconds, a majority of Warrior Energy in his body was used.

Activating the Semi-God-Tier Combat Weapon took time. Once it was activated, it would pull the energy from the user’s body non-stop. Just now, this Semi-God-Tier Combat Weapon didn’t even show its true form, and Fairenton almost died! If [Snow Mountain Hermit] didn’t support Fairenton with his Warrior Energy, this prince would puke blood and pass out in a few seconds.

“Haha! Hahahaha! Since you guys don’t have an objection, then this last [Elemental Gate] belongs to Big Snow Mountain! Haha, however, I can give you all an opportunity. An [Elemental Gate] could contain five people. I will take one more person to the core region who is willing to working for me.”

At the moment, Tony was felt like he was the one who had [Sand of Earthly Anger], not his Junior Brother Fairenton who he treated terribly.

All the masters in the area look mad as Tony made his remark.

They were all influential figures in the outside world, and they were worshipped by many; how would they be willing to submit to a small character like Tony? In their eyes, Tony was just like an ant. If the Semi-God-Tier Combat Weapon weren’t on top of Fairenton’s head, they would have torn Tony into pieces.

“Huh? Is no one replying? Fairenton, kill a few of them!” Tony shouted; he was mad since no one replied after he gave out an offer.

“Haha! Who do you think you are? How dare a bug like you ask other masters to serve you? You know what, you don’t need to get this [Elemental Gate]! Leave it to me!”

As Tony was feeling very good about himself, a voice filled with disdain appeared. To Tony, it was shockingly familiar! The smile on his face froze, and a subconscious fear overtook him. Soon, this fear turned into hatred and jealousy.

He turned to the person who just spoke and said as he gritted his teeth, “It…… It is you?”

“Haha! Who else could it be?” Fei laughed as he took one step closer to the altar.

In this one second, the wild and powerful sensation rushed outward from his body, and it felt like a tsunami. Although his presence wasn’t as shocking as that white-robed mage, it was still sharp. The light strands coming off of the [Sand of Earthly Anger] fluttered as Fei’s energy surge hit it.

“Such power!”

“This young man has this level of strength?”

“He didn’t make any moves not because he is scared…… Damn, I misjudged him! But I didn’t sense any Warrior Energy on him…… Huh? This power he has…… It is too strange! It is not Warrior Energy!”

“This young man…… It is him! King Alexander of Chambord? I saw him three days ago in Dual-Flags City. Back then, he has just reached the realm of Moon-Class…… Now, I can’t even defeat him!”

All the masters in the area were shocked.

Fei’s Nightmare Mode Level 40 Barbarian relied on insane strength and the tough body, and most of the techniques used by the Barbarian were derived from these two sources; there was no Warrior Energy or Magic Energy on him. Therefore, when he wasn’t in battle, he would appear like an ordinary person. That was why no one recognized him as the King of Chambord when he got to the outer edge of the area timidly.

When Fei revealed his strength, a shocker was sent out. Some of the masters who paid attention to Fei before were stunned.

“In just a few days, this kid who was so insignificant before is now at least a Half Moon Elite!” they thought.

The masters on the [Elemental Altar] all have different expressions on their faces as well.

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