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Hail the King Chapter 489.2

Chapter 489: Who Are You? (Part Two)

The dash of light appeared in this blue-haired mid-aged man’s eyes as he lightly nodded. Crown Prince Girano of the St. Germain Empire was shocked along with his four maids, that short yet majestic Emperor of Jax observed Fei a little as if he was making some judgments in his mind, that huge Emperor of Eindhoven sneered, and the two devil-like thin elders also sneered along viciously.

The mysterious white-robed mage took a look at Fei coldly before closing his eyes, not caring at all, and on the side of the Holy Church, Pellegrini smiled at Fei calmly but was secretly shocked, and the young priest Jessie smiled and nodded at Fei friendly.

Hazel Bank and the Undead Bone Dragon were thrilled; the huge boost in the King’s strength made them see more hope. However, these two sly bastards didn’t show anything on their faces. In others’ eyes, they weren’t familiar with the King of Chambord at all.

“King Alexander! You are seeking your death!” Tony said with a gloomy expression. He hated Fei as this King was the first person who gave him a good beating, so he yelled, “It is good! Since you want the last [Elemental Gate], trade it with your life!”

“Sorry, I won’t make that trade. The [Elemental Gate] isn’t that valuable. Also, you don’t have that ability! Do you want to kill me? Too bad that you couldn’t do in your lifetime!” Fei responded. Then, ignoring Tony’s attitude, he started to walk towards the [Elemental Gate].

“Alexander, you should back off. I don’t want to kill you right now,” Prince Fairenton quickly woke up from the shock and stated. As he put more energy into the [Sand of Earthly Anger] that was rotating above his head, more and more light strands appeared from this Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon, and these light strands fluttered in the air like Salix tree branches and dismantled Fei’s aggressive aura.

Fei shook his head earnestly, “Fairenton, I’m afraid that won’t work. Even though you have [Sand of Earthly Anger], you couldn’t kill me. All external forces are yours…… If you don’t believe me, just give it a try. In the end, this [Elemental Gate] is mine for sure.”

“Kill him! Quick!” [Snow Mountain Hermit] lightly shouted. He was terrified of Fei’s cultivation speed, and he was scared of the King’s power. The only way to eliminate that fear was to kill Fei, so he urged Fairenton to use this Semi-God-tier Weapon.

Fairenton frowned, and he said after some consideration, “Alexander, this is the last opportunity for you to back off.”

Fei only shook his head.

“Quick! Kill him!” [Snow Mountain Hermit] lost his composure and roared.

Prince Fairenton lowered his head and sighed. Then, as if he made a decision, he looked up with sharp murderous spirits in his eyes. He said, “Sorry, I must have an [Elemental Gate]. Therefore……”

As he said that, he instantly activated his Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon.


After the [Sand of Earthly Anger] shook a little, it turned into a dash of orange light and shot at Fei.

“Good!” Fei lightly roared after sensing the danger.

In the next second, the battle-thirsty blood in his body burned! The Barbarians were a group of warriors who would get more powerful through fighting, and they weren’t afraid of danger.

A silver flame flashed by, a set of dark metal armor appeared on Fei’s body. This set of fancy and vicious armor covered Fei from his chest to his legs, and it turned the King into a battle beast.

[Immortal King’s Soul Cage]!

This item that was apart of the [Immortal King] Set showed itself in this world for the first time.

An ancient, reckless, wild, and violent sensation appeared in the area, and every master was able to feel it.

Then, Fei grasped his hands, and the dual-swords [Bul-Kathos’ Children] appeared after a flash of dark-red flame.

He was planning to use the set items from Diablo World to fight against the [Sand of Earthly Anger].

Fei believed that the top-tier item [Immortal King’s Soul Cage] from Diablo World was able to defend against this Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon, let alone [Bul-Kathos’ Children].


He placed the two swords into a cross in front of him.


The [Sand of Earthly Anger] smashed onto the two swords, and a terrifying energy wave dispersed into the area.

At that moment, Fei sensed a huge amount of energy passing into his body through the two swords. Soon, his hands, arms, and shoulders were numbed, and he was knocked back without an option.

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