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Hail the King Chapter 49

 Chapter 49: The Power of a Necromancer

“God bless!”

Fei didn’t forget to continue motivating the strongmen.

His axe didn’t slow down as he shouted. Whoosh, whoosh, he made two chops and the enemy in front of him was sliced into three pieces. He looked up and realized that the chaotic formation had already backed off two yards and set up another layer of defense.

Fei was slightly surprised. The enemy’s reaction and reassembly speed was beyond his expectations. It looked like pushing forward would be much more difficult now. However, there was no way to pull back an arrow that had already been shot.

Fei clearly knew that he would have to break the Tower Shield formation with the strongmen and destroy the siege ladders and trebuchets as fast as they could.

At this point, time was life.

Their charging speed couldn’t slow down. Everything had to be completed before the enemy’s commander could react and send orders. Otherwise, once they get crowded and the enemy’s star ranked warriors arrived, the twenty two strongmen that weren’t star ranked warrior and had no energy would not be able to escape, even if Fei could escape by himself.

“With me as the center, reassemble the awl formation! Quick! Quick! Quick!!!”

Following Fei’s shout, the twenty two strongmen who were loosely positioned due to the battle quickly restored their formation. Pierce and Drogba stood left and right behind Fei respectively. Both of them were covered in the enemies’ blood. Circles of blood and bone fragments slid off of their weapons, giving them the appearance of demons from hell.

The other strongmen behind them looked very similar, as if they had walked through a rain of blood. Their armour was still dripping in blood, and the only color you could see on them was red.

Because Fei, the ‘Super Mincer’ was leading the way, any enemy that could threaten them was killed by him right away, so the strongmen didn’t suffer any casualties. The most damage the enemies dealt were some marks on the heavy armour.

“Everyone drink some water in the blue water bag and wait for my commands. When I signal, charge right away!” Fei told the strongmen behind him and charged up by himself.

“Bam, bam, bam -!”

While he was charging towards the enemies, he kicked over a couple corpses, which caused them to fly over the 3 yard (m) tall Tower Shields and smash into the enemies behind the shields. There was some yelling and shouting behind those shields, but it didn’t fall into chaos.

In fact, Fei didn’t expect that a couple corpses would mess up the enemies.

Two to three yards of distance took less than a second for the level 12 Barbarian Fei to charge through, but Fei did something else during the process –

“Switch mode.”

He said that in his mind and Necromancer Fei took over.

Suddenly, a white light flashed and the huge axe in his hand disappeared, and so did the monstrous physical strength of the Barbarian. Instead, a gloomy white death energy clouded him like mist.

At the same time, the Necromancer’s skills were activated as well.

【Corpse Explosion】!!!

Many small, almost invisible clouds of death energy shot out of Fei’s palm. They flashed through the thin gaps between the shields and entered the corpses that were kicked into the center of the new formation.

“Explode! Explode! Explode! Explode!” Fei yelled in his mind. Suddenly, behind the ‘steel wall’ that blocked Fei’s path, there were large ‘booming’ sounds, and then daunting screams followed.

He 【Corpse Explosion】 used.

The enemies that were hiding behind the Tower Shields was scorning Fei’s decision to throw corpses at them. If a few corpses could create chaos, they wouldn’t be called elites. However, not even in their wildest dreams would they have ever expected the corpses to explode like that. The explosions were intense, too. The dense blood and minced flesh instantly penetrated their leather armour, and the exploding bone fragments were like arrows that easily penetrated their metal armour.

Because they did not pay much attention to those corpses, the causalities were huge.

More than twenty enemies were instantly killed without even making a sound. There were more unfortunate enemies who got their limbs blown off, but didn’t die right away. They rolled on the bridge as they screamed painfully. There were also a couple of really unlucky enemies who didn’t get injured at all, but due to all the chaos, they were accidentally bumped off of the bridge into the fast current of the Zuli River. Their heads came up out of the water a few times as they tried to survive, but they were soon ‘devoured’ by the current and disappeared……

【Corpse Explosion】 was too powerful. It even caught black knight [Two] by surprise and a bone fragment had penetrated his left arm. It left a hole about the size of a thumb, and blood just wouldn’t stop flowing out. Although he had energy in his body to add more defensive abilities, it wasn’t enough to entirely block the damage from 【Corpse Explosion】. If he wasn’t wearing that black mask, his soldiers would all see his pale and twisted face.

None of them knew why and how the corpses suddenly exploded and caused another round of chaos.

On the other side, Fei’s charging speed didn’t slow down at all. After 【Corpse Explosion】, he instantly switched back to Barbarian Mode.

With the return of his physical strength, he roared as he stomped the ground with both of his feet. The hard stone bridge formed cracks as he initiated the Barbarian’s skill – 【Leap】.


Like a magnificent mountain that suddenly took off, Fei’s body created a large shadow under the bright sun. He jumped up at least 5 yards (m) high and leaped over the iron hedgehog like Tower Shields and Dragon Lances, and was about to land onto the enemies behind them.

“You’re dead now!”

Black knight [Two] saw that this opponent ‘flew’ over the frontline and didn’t have any weapons. He knew that it was a great opportunity. He didn’t care about the injury on his left arm; he also jumped up as he concentrated all his energy into his right arm, and stabbed his sword at Fei.

He was trying to use his delicate and efficient sword techniques to kill the ‘bull’ in front of him who only had strength.

He was confident that he could win the battle in mid-air, since he was way more agile. With the opponent wearing such heavy armor, he was sure that he had at least one hundred ways to penetrate the ‘beast’s’ heart without getting him dodging.

However –

“F--k off!”

Fei shouted in mid-air and kicked [Two]’s sword right on the neck.

[Two] only felt something flash before his eyes and wasn’t able to catch the opponent’s movements at all. He soon felt that his body was numb and sore, as if he was struck by lightning. He wasn’t able to hold onto his sword and it was kicked off of his hand and flew off like an ant in a storm.


Blood rushed out of [Two]’s right hand. It was torn open by the handle of the sword from the power of Fei’s kick.

However, [Two]’s nightmare didn’t stop there. Before he landed on the ground, Fei gave him another kick.

This time, Fei kicked [Two] right in the chest. Crunching and cracking bone sounds came from inside of [Two]’s body, and a deep and terrifying foot shaped ‘hole’ appeared on his chest. Suddenly, his fall accelerated and he smashed onto other enemy soldiers. The enemies fell down like Dominos, with a background music of screaming ……

[Two]’s heart was crushed into pieces after he was kicked in the chest. There was absolutely no life inside of him. He didn’t make any sounds when he finally fell to the ground… he couldn’t be any deader.

His eyes were open wide and filled with shock, as if the last question on his mind before he died was how a one star warrior could die like a chicken under the feet of a man who didn’t even have energy.

Of course, if [Two] knew that the man he was about to take on was the ‘beast’ that killed two one star warriors in yesterday’s siege, his first reaction would be to escape as fast as he could and not take on this man to try to accumulate military credits.

Unfortunately, life didn’t give any second chances.

When Fei was a level 5 Barbarian, he was able to easily kill one star warriors. After he leveled up the level 12, he could kill guys like [Two] by simply waving his hands.

After seeing their own commander being killed in a single kick, the formation became even more chaotic. Fei landed firmly in the middle of all the enemies and called upon his axe. After a white flash of light, the barbarian’s huge, dangerous axe was in his hands once more.

“Tink, tink, tink, tink – !”

He did a ruthless 360º spin, almost forming a blade storm. It sliced all the enemies who were coming close to him, including their weapons. Under the spilling blood, Fei quickly approached the tower shields. He applied all his strength, and all the support beams for the shields and lances were chopped into pieces of scrap metal under the reflection of sunlight from the blade of the axe. All the tower shields that were covered by the three layers of metal were also chopped into two pieces and were kicked off the bridge into the Zuli River. They created many ripples in the water.

The Tower Shield-Dragon Lance formation that was once considered indestructible in many people’s eyes had just been torn apart like a soft slice of bread. Moreover, it had been torn open by Fei, AGAIN!

“Charge! Clean out these bastards!”

Fei switched between Necromancer mode and Barbarian Mode and destroyed the newly reassembled Tower Shield-Dragon Lance formation in less than a minute. As many people were still in a big shock, Fei waved at the strongmen who had just drank the diluted 【Stamina Potion】, and signaled them to charge.

“Bam, bam, bam, bam!!!”

If felt like a heavy cavalry was charging when the twenty two strongmen began running. It gave people who were watching an illusion of the whole stone bridge shaking under their feet, ready to collapse at any second.

The blood and pieces of flesh on the twenty two sets of armour made them look like demons from hell.

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