Chapter 490: Domination (Part One)

However, Fei only lost control of his body for a split second.

As soon as his feet left the ground, his Barbarian instinct took over and gave the control back to Fei. The King tightened his core, and an invisible energy wave expanded from him as his body shook.

The dominant physical strength of the Barbarian was demonstrated! Fei figured out the balance and stabilized himself during the collision.


That orange light followed suit and continued to chase after Fei as if it was his shadow.

Fei’s dual swords were still blocking in front of him, and his legs were now deep into the ground. As the [Sand of Earthly Anger] kept striking forward, Fei was pushed back, and two trails were left on the ground.

When the orange light collided with Fei’s swords again, this Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon turned into the shape of the fist-sized sand grain and started to vibrate rhythmically. Every time it vibrated, a huge amount of energy would strike Fei as if the goddess of earth was mad.

This terrifying energy continued to force Fei back, and it felt like [Sand of Earthly Anger], and Fei’s swords were glued together.

“Haha! Nice!!! But now, f*ck off!” Fei roared.

The muscles on his arms bulged, and the veins were visible. At the same time, there was a thin layer of silver light enveloping his entire body. He shook his arm, and the two swords, [Bul-Kathos’ Sacred Charge] and [Bul-Kathos’ Tribal Guardian] pushed out.

At that moment, the two swords were bent so much that it seemed like they were about to break. Suddenly, a buzzing noise sounded, and the magic runes engraved onto the body of the swords lit up.

Boom! They actually knocked the [Sand of Earthly Anger] away!

Gasping sounds resonated in the area and even a few masters who were on the altar were surprised.

“Could it be that the two swords in the King of Chambord’s hands are also Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon? Otherwise, how could they defend against the [Sand of Earthly Anger] and not break? Also, it seems like the armor the King of Chambord is wearing is insane! It feels like it is the armor of a Demon God that has been around for ages!”

“No, they aren’t Semi-God-tier Combat Weapons. They don’t seem like Combat Weapons at all! What are they? How could they defend against the [Sand of Earthly Anger]?”

“Eh? I think Prince Fairenton is too weak, and he couldn’t control the [Sand of Earthly Anger] properly. That is the reason why the King of Chambord wasn’t killed.”

“Impossible! How did the King of Chambord train his body? It is far tougher than the body of a peak Full Moon Elite! He is so young!”

The masters in the areas thought with complicated expressions on their faces.

Just from that collision alone, they could tell that the King of Chambord was extremely powerful.

“He is only 18 years old, and he is already on a level that I only got to after spending the most of my life……” most of the masters in the area felt defeated. Although they didn’t want to admit it, they had to agree that a new genius was showing his fangs! In the future, they would be insignificant characters in the tale of the King of Chambord!

“How is this possible?” Tony and [Snow Mountain Hermit] were both stunned; they were so surprised that it felt like they saw an Undead Creature in daylight!

“Eh, puff……!” Fairenton puked up a mouth of blood! In that encounter, he was severely injured by the backlash of the [Sand of Earthly Anger]! After all, he only had knowledge of this Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon for a few days, and he couldn’t control it that well. When Fei’s energy struck this item, all that energy was sent back at him.

“Looks like this last spot is mine!” Fei laughed as he stepped forward. Although some blood was dripping down his lips since he was also injured a little by the energy emitted by the [Sand of Earthly Anger], this injury was nothing to him.

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