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Hail the King Chapter 491.1

Chapter 491: Situation (Part One)

The combination of the strength of the Nightmare Mode Level 40 Barbarian, [Whirlwind], and the power of the runes created by [Bul-Kathos’ Children] was almost invincible! It was almost beyond the realm of a technique and almost grasped onto the laws of nature.

Out of the four people who had the sword on top of their heads, Fairenton was facing the most pressure. Although the Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon was powerful, any other energy that landed on it would be sent into his body! Therefore, he experienced the full power of the [Whirlwind]. Blood gushed out of Fairenton’s mouth and nose, and [Sand of Earthly Anger] also lost its glare and returned to Fairenton’s palm like a regular big sand grain.

[Snow Mountain Hermit] used Fairenton as a medium to control the [Sand of Earthly Anger], and he was lightly injured. However, all of his Warrior Energy was sucked away by this Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon. His legs were weak, and he had no way of defending himself now. If that silver sword fell, he would be killed for sure.

Modoc and Tony were not involved in the battle and weren’t injured that much, but their faces paled. Chilling sensation coming from the swords above them numbed their bodies.

“I…… Lost.” As he sensed the chilling energy on the swords above his head, a bitter smile appeared on Fairenton’s face, and he said, “I lost again.”

“If you focused on cultivation and is a Moon-Class Elite, this situation would be different since you would be able to get more power out of the [Sand of Earthly Anger]……” Fei said.

Although he and Fairenton were on different sides, he did appreciate this young man. After all, he was able to see some of the noble and honorable traits in this young man.


The silver sword on top of Fairenton’s head disappeared, and Fairenton was at a loss of words.

It wasn’t the first time that someone told him that he was too weak in terms of cultivation. The consecutive loses made him re-examine his chosen path.

Fei stopped talking and looked to the other three.

After a while of silence.

“Kill me,” after seeing Fei’s stares, [Snow Mountain Hermit] said as his straight body curled a little. Fei’s powerful uprise made him feel powerless.

Geniuses were known as geniuses because they could fight with enemies who were a lot older and a lot more experienced. Although [Snow Mountain Hermit] had been cultivating a lot longer than Fei, he couldn’t do anything now.

“Good!” Fei sneered and didn’t show any mercy.

This man in red forced Angela and Elena to lose consciousness, and Fei had been wanting to kill him. Since he got the opportunity today, he wasn’t going to let it go.



Fairenton and Modoc both shouted as they tried rushed to [Snow Mountain Hermit] and wanted to block the sword for him. As they did that, they begged Fei for mercy. They were both from the Jax Empire, and they had been learning from [Snow Mountain Hermit] for more than ten years. They had a deep bond with their master, and they couldn’t let him just die in front of them.

On the other hand, Tony who was favored by [Snow Mountain Hermit] was so scared that he didn’t say or do anything. After seeing that Fei was looking at him, he kneeled and begged out of fear, “Don’t kill me…… Please don’t kill me…… If you want to kill someone, kill him!” Tony screamed as he pointed at [Snow Mountain Hermit], “It was him who told me to attack you! It is all his fault……”

“You…… Tony! How can you say that? What you are doing is unethical and wrong!”

“Senior Brother Tony! Do you know what you are talking about? Everyone in Big Snow Mountain knows that our master loves you the most! He even used almost all of Big Snow Mountain’s treasures to push you into the realm of Moon-Class! How can you treat your own master like this?”

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  1. Osirius

    That Tony is disgusting :/

    • Hiji

      Very disgusting, makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t like snow mountain hermit at all, but I pity him for spoiling such a disgusting fool.

  2. Pef

    The MC’s behavior here is utterly disgusting. People try to kill him, and he stops his counter-attack for a few words?
    And his country is at war with these guys as well. They hurt his wife, and killed thousands of his soldiers. But let’s stop and chat. Fuking disgusting.

    • red jack

      yeah don’t know what you’re talking about How was that disgusting This is not his country he just fighting for the Empire out of personal Reasons And mc had no desire to really kill the prince But it’s pretty common for mc To show Dominance Over powerful enemies He has no care about what happens to the old man and the fool He is going to kill them At some point To me he just acted like a dominant a warrior and king

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