Chapter 492: Provocation (Part One)

After hearing what this old man said, everyone finally noticed that Zenitians took two [Elemental Gates]. Fei was one of them, and the blue-haired mid-aged man and his two guards were apparently from the Zenit Empire as well.

Now, some people in the area were getting upset. Even though the Holy Church was dominating, they only took one [Elemental Gate], and seven out of the 12 people were left outside. Could a level 1 empire be more dominating than the Holy Church?

For a moment, everyone was looking at Fei and the blue-haired mid-aged man.

The blue-haired mid-aged man sneered, and he didn’t say anything. His powerful aura told everyone that he wasn’t going to back off. If anyone wanted to challenge him, they were welcomed to fight him.

However, who would dare to challenge such a powerful man?

After Fei gave it some thought, he looked at the masters who were standing by the edge of the altar; some of them were desperate as it looked like they were so old that they were close to their death.

“I can take four people with me,” he said. He pointed at four old masters who felt righteous and were at the verge of a breakthrough and death. “You four can stand in this [Elemental Altar] with me.”

“Ah? Really? Thank you, young King!”

“Thank you so much! Gods will bless you, young man! I owe you a huge favor!”

The four masters who were pointed out by Fei were ecstatic! One of the masters who had a full head of white hair even cried in excitement. He was desperate before, and his dream suddenly came to life! Even experienced cultivators couldn’t hold still when this sudden change hit them. He thanked Fei repeatedly and stated that he would pay Fei back in the future.

“Three people could stand in that gate as well,” Fei pointed at the [Elemental Gate] that Hazel Bank and Arthur were standing in.

“Huh…… Since the King of Chambord already mentioned it, then we will take three more people as well.”

The Undead Mage had lived for hundreds of years, and he immediately understood Fei’s intentions. Since Fei wanted to establish some friendship and get some influence over these masters, he quickly followed that up with an appropriate response.

From an outsider’s perspective, it seemed like this mysterious master did a favor for the King of Chambord.

It was worth mentioning that these people were influential and powerful figures in the outside world. Although they seemed weak in the Mythical Palace, they were capable of a lot on the Azeroth Continent. This investment made by Fei was very valuable!

Three more people got on the altar, and they thanked both Fei and Hazel Bank for their generosity. They all promised that they would repay this generous gesture in the future.

“Haha! The gods taught us that helping others is helping one’s self!” that master from Jax suddenly laughed and said to Fei, “Since the King of Chambord is this generous, I will do the same; think of it as a small repayment of the favor you have done for me. I can take three people as well.”

This man pointed at three people in the crowd. They were Fairenton. Modoc, and another elder. Both [Snow Mountain Hermit] and Tony weren’t considered.

Fei was a little surprised by what happened.

This master of Jax was being a little selfish and picked two people of Jax; even if Fei didn’t do anything, it seemed like he would still take Fairenton and Modoc with him. However, this man seemed majestic and was probably an influential figure in the Jax Empire. The fact that he was willing to take a random stranger with him was a huge friendly gesture.

Out of the other [Elemental Gates], the ones that were taken by the Holy Church and the Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire were full, and it was clear that the blue-haired mid-aged man wasn’t welcoming. That white-robed mysterious mage had an impatient look on his face, and the chilling energy surge around him scared a lot of people; no one dared to ask him. Also, that huge bald man and the two thin devil-like old men didn’t look like nice people, and it was almost clear that they would rather waste to seat than helping others in the area.

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