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Hail the King Chapter 492.2

Chapter 492: Provocation (Part Two)

The people who weren’t on the altar all looked at Fei with hoping eyes; they wanted Fei to put in a word for them.

However, Fei could only shake his head; he knew that he couldn’t make everyone listen to him. Hazel Bank and the master of Jax were willing to do him a favor, but it didn’t mean that others would do the same. If he opened his mouth and asked, he would be looking for trouble. Besides, most of the people who were left all seem vicious and violent; Fei didn’t want to help them.

“Ok! It looks like we don’t have different opinions, so let’s activate the altar and open the [Elemental Gates]!” Hazel Bank suggested again.

“Wait! Who said I’m fine with the current arrangement? Hehe, I still have a lot to say……” that old man laughed and interrupted again. He stared at Fei viciously with his cloudy eyes, pointed at Fei with his finger, and stated, “I suddenly feel like this kid isn’t worthy of an [Elemental Gate]. Kick him out, and I suggest we choose him instead.”

As he said that, he pointed at [Snow Mountain Hermit] who was in shock as well.

This old man wanted Fei to give his spot to [Snow Mountain Hermit]!

The people in the area took a while before finally reacting to this incident. Although they didn’t know why this devil-like old man was going crazy, they knew that he didn’t like the King of Chambord and wanted to cause trouble for him.

“Could it be that this old man has a grudge against the King of Chambord?”

Everyone was guessing that.

After a short pause, Fei’s face dropped as he looked at this old man coldly. “Who are you? How dare you point your fingers at me?” he sneered.

“Hehe, young man! Don’t be so impulsive! Being pointed at is the least of your worries,” that old man said as he started to walk towards Fei. A cloud of black mist was surging around his body, and it felt very powerful. With a mocking smile on his face, he laughed and said, “I just don’t like you, and I don’t want you to enter the [Elemental Gate]! Hehehe…… You are only the King of a small Affiliated Kingdom under Zenit! Everyone else here is a powerful and famous master! In comparison, you are just a little junior. How are you qualified to take their place and get this [Elemental Gate]? Hehe, even the Martial Saint of Zenit got butchered, and Zenit declared war against three empires at the same time. It will be conquered sooner or later, and everyone from the nobles to the poor people would be turned into slaves! Hehe, why should this [Elemental Gate] be wasted on you?”

Murderous lights appeared in Fei’s eyes, but he calmed down even more.

“This old man is only a top-tier New Moon Elite, and he is far weaker than me. How dare he speaks to me like this? Could it be that he is relying on something or someone?” Fei looked over this old man that was approaching him and locked his eyes onto that huge bald man who was standing below an [Elemental Gate]. With a vicious smile on his face, this huge bald man was looking at Fei as well.

This huge bald man was one of the few people who Fei couldn’t see through. This man had an extremely dangerous sensation around him, and Fei felt like he couldn’t defeat this man.

“Perhaps this old man is relying on this master!” Fei thought. He didn’t know when he offended such a master, and it would be a massive headache for him.

However, Fei immediately categorized this man as his enemy without hesitation.

Since this man already showed his hostility, Fei won’t act soft and try to get a peace treaty.

Also, the stronger the enemy, the calmer the King.

Although he didn’t show anything on the surface, the murderous spirit on his mind was getting more and more intense.

However, no matter what, this dark and thin old man must die!

Some scales were running in the opposite direction on a dragon’s body, and anyone who touches it will die! (TL: This is an old Chinese saying meaning that if someone’s sensitive nerve were touched, trouble would appear.)

Martial Saint Krasic was very important on Fei’s mind! Since this old man insulted Krasic, Fei made up his mind and was determined to make this old man pay! As the King calculated the distance and the angle, he secretly raised his power level. The air around him was being frozen.

“Too bad! I wasn’t able to kill the Martial Saint of Zenit! Hehe, the brain of a Martial Saint must be delicious……” that old man said that as he raised his Warrior Energy. A series of crackling noises sounded as he stretched his body, and his arms increased 30 centimeters in length! The hard and black fingernails on his fingers were about half a meter long, and they were being dragged on the stone tiles on the ground as if they were powerful weapons.

Creak! Several deep scratch marks were left on the stone tiles.

The suspension was real! The battle could happen at any time.

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