Chapter 493: Triggered (Part One)

After sensing the intense murderous spirit on this old man, the masters, who got the opportunity to enter [Elemental Gate] due to Fei’s generosity, looked at each other and stepped out. Even though they knew that they couldn’t defeat this old man, they still blocked his way.

“Hehe…… You guys are old, yet you guys are dumb as well. How dare you block my way?” that old man laughed angrily as he ground his long metal-like black fingernails against each other.

As the ear-piercing noise sounded and the energy surge around him got even more powerful, he yelled, “Since you guys want to be on his side, I will dig out your brains! You all have to die!”

Fei was touched by what these four old masters were doing; he knew that he didn’t choose the wrong people. After some thinking, he stepped forward and said to those four men, “Don’t worry. I can’t take care of this clown myself.”

“Then…… Please be careful, Your Majesty.”

After some hesitation, one of them signaled Fei about the huge bald man who was standing not too far away and sneering. These old masters were afraid that the King would overlook that powerful man due to inexperience.

Fei smiled and nodded back at them, showing them that he knew the situation.

“Hehehe…… Die! Arrogant kid, how dare you to be distracted when facing me?” as this old man shouted, he dashed towards to Fei like black lightning, and his sharp fingernails left a series of afterimages in the air as it struck at Fei’s forehead.

It was clear that this strike was this old man’s ultimate technique. As the fingernails struck down, it seemed like it couldn’t be dodged! Although this attack seemed slow, it was actually really fast. With the faint sensation of natural laws, those fingernails were almost touching Fei’s forehead.

A surprised smile appeared on this old man’s face.

He was planning for a hard fight as he knew that he was still a bit away from this young King. He was only going to provoke this young man, and others would take care of the rest. However, it seemed like this young man was too arrogant and gave the perfect opportunity to him.

This old man sneered.

He felt like he already saw the scene where this young genius’ brain matter was flying in the air.

Everyone in the area gasped as they saw this terrifying scene.

This old man’s fingernails didn’t enter the King of Chambord’s head, but that was only an afterimage.

The sneer turned into a scream, and the surprised smile also froze on this old man’s face. He didn’t feel the familiar sensation of penetrating through a skull. Instead, he was using so much force that his ten fingernails collided. As sparks appeared, his hands were numbed and in pain for a few seconds.

This was the last thing that he sensed.

It was almost unbelievable that someone was able to only move his head alone that quick, but Fei did it! With a smile on his face, Fei watched his opponent’s fingernails passing by three centimeters in front of his eyes. Then, he clenched his fist and punched out with silver flames enveloping his hands.

This punch was impressive, and nothing was held back.

If this strike lands, this old man who only had the strength of top-tier New Moon would die! Without question, this old man would be turned into a cloud of blood mist even if his body was strong.

However, someone was trying to stop this from happening.

As soon as Fei punched out, that huge bald man who was more than three meters tall showed a wicked smile on his face as he unleashed his power. He had been waiting for this opportunity for a while now.

However, he wasn’t the only planner here.

When he was about to make his move, two powerful energies locked onto him. This man sensed a life-threatening danger, and his body stiffed. He knew that if he attacked that young King, both of these energies would land on him mercilessly. Even though he was strong, he knew that he would be injured if that happened.

One of the energies was from Hazel Bank.

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