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Hail the King Chapter 493.2

Chapter 493: Triggered (Part Two)

This Undead Mage was sly, and he already saw through everything. He knew that this huge bald man wanted trouble, so he was waiting patiently for this man to move. His Full Moon strength and his experiences were enough to scare a lot of people. Even though some of the Undead Mage was leaked, his strength was enough to shake the ground.

The other energy was from the blue-haired mid-aged man.

This was surprising. Who could have thought that this man who didn’t show the King of Chambord any favor would help the King of Chambord out at this moment. This blue-haired mid-aged man was insanely powerful, and his every move brought a lot of pressure to others. The huge bald man instantly got cautious as he didn’t know if he could win in a battle against this man.

This huge bald man felt powerless. He wasn’t afraid of battling neither of them, but a 1v2 would be hard. Therefore, he couldn’t do anything but to watch the battle between Fei and that old man unfold.


A cloud of blood mist appeared.

That old man was in a disadvantage, and the help that he expected didn’t arrive on time. The murderous spirit in the King of Chambord’s eyes scared him, and he regretted doing what he did. Even though he felt like he was in a freezer, he could only watch the King’s fist land on his body.


A terrifying limb-tearing sensation appeared.

At this moment, this old man hated the vitality of Moon-Class Elites. Since his body was strong, he didn’t die right away. He could clearly feel how his muscles were being torn apart; it felt like knives were cutting him bit by bit. If he could do this over again, he won’t have ever provoked the King of Chambord!

After this pain kept up for a dozen seconds, he lost all of his consciousness. His body was turned into a rainfall of blood and chipped bones.

“You deserve to die over a thousand times for insulting the Martial Saint of Zenit.” Fei’s voice sounded by everyone’s ears as the silver flame on his fist shook away the blood stain.

“You killed him?” after the two energies that were targeting him disappeared, an angry expression appeared on that huge bald man’s face as he shouted.

“Kill him? That is only the beginning. Remember, I will one day kill you as well!” Fei wasn’t scared, and he stared back at the huge bald man. He didn’t back off at all in front of the huge pressure even though it increased by multiple folds when this huge bald man got furious.

The King was determined that he would one day kill this man. The latter was already very hostile towards Fei and tried to cause trouble for him, and the thin old man also got instructed by this man to provoke him and insult Martial Saint Krasic. On top of that, having such a dangerous man as an enemy would be terrible for him and the Chambord Kingdom.

However, Fei’s declaration shocked everyone in the area.

Even though the King of Chambord displayed extraordinary power and potential, he was still not able to fight with the huge bald man. The power this man displayed was mid-tier Full Moon, which was a rank higher than the King of Chambord. Such a difference was hard to ignore! “Why the King of Chambord so confident? How dare he say that he is going to kill this huge bald man?” people thought.

“Hahaha! What? You said you want to kill me? Hahaha……”

The huge bald man was experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. his anger quickly turned into shock, and he started to laugh. As if he heard the funniest joke, his tears also dripped down his face. “Hahahaha! Great! This is great! It is my first time hearing something this stupid. Hahaha, even that trash Martial Saint Krasic won’t dare to say that! Hahaha, I will give you this opportunity! I, Emperor Kromkamp of Eindhoven, will wait for you to kill me! Hahaha……”

This huge bald man revealed his identity, and everyone in the area gasped.

“This huge bald man is the Emperor of Eindhoven! What a surprise!” A lot of people in the area didn’t hear the comment made by one of the old men, and they were shocked by this information!

It was heard that Emperor Kromkamp of Eindhoven was a great cultivator, but his violent and murderous nature scared all the people of Eindhoven. No one dared to say anything bad about him because whoever said those things got their tongues cut off. Within this region, Emperor Kromkamp was infamous for his cruelty. However, it was heard that this man was a talented warrior in his youthful years, but he got defeated by Emperor Yassin of Zenit. Therefore, his personality changed, and he hated every person in Zenit dearly. He had once killed more than 100,000 innocent citizens of Eindhoven because he suspected that they might be the blood of Zenit running in them.

Therefore, once his identity was known, it made sense why he hated the King of Chambord.

Most of the time, Kromkamp was the representation of a tyrant and a demon lord.

However, it was strange that he mysterious appeared in the Mythical Palace with only two [Ghost Guards].

“Could it be that something special is going to happen? Otherwise, why would the Emperor of Eindhoven and the Royal Master of Jax both appear here?” some people already sensed something special.

“Emperor of Eindhoven? You will pay for what you did today.” Fei sneered, “What you said will create numerous conflicts! I hope you can still laugh this happily when the cavaliers of Chambord conquer the Capital of Eindhoven!”

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