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Hail the King Chapter 494.2

Chapter 494: A Small World (Part Two)

“Master isn’t going to kill me? His attitude didn’t even change?”

Even though he was still confused, he wasn’t that afraid anymore. What he said before offended a lot of masters, and a few of them looked at him funny before they left. Therefore, he had to follow [Snow Mountain Hermit] tightly. At least it seemed like his master had already forgiven him; it was a lot safer than being alone and having to fight those masters.

Although [Snow Mountain Hermit] participated in the battle for [Elemental Gates] and lost to the King of Chambord, his strength couldn’t be ignored. On top of that, Fairenton who had the Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon showed enough respect for him.

The few masters who wanted to kill Tony left with cold smiles on their faces. In their eyes, [Snow Mountain Hermit] was going to kill his disrespectful disciple who betrayed him.

“Let’s go and find a proper place to recover. When our strengths return to normal, we should leave the Mythical Palace and go back to Big Snow Mountain immediately. Remember! From now on, don’t ever be enemies of the King of Chambord! This man is too dangerous! You won’t be able to take him on at all!”

[Snow Mountain Hermit] was really disappointed, and his created a fire-elemental Warrior Energy sphere to envelop and protect Tony.

As [Snow Mountain Hermit] walked in the front, Tony couldn’t do anything but to follow.

If he stayed here in the level 34 region alone, he would die for sure.

However, it was clear that none of what [Snow Mountain Hermit] said registered in this gloomy young man’s head. First of all, he was beat by Fei in front of tens of thousands of soldiers. Then, the rare opportunity of getting an [Elemental Gate] got snatched away. Right now, he hated Fei to an extreme degree, and he couldn’t just let it go.

Lights were flashing in Tony’s eyes, and it seemed like he was planning something bad.

Soon, all the other masters who didn’t get to enter the level 36 area left.

However, none of them noticed that a series of ripples appeared behind them, and a blonde boy who was wearing black metal armor re-appeared on the altar. As he looked at the direction where [Snow Mountain Hermit] and Tony disappeared, a naïve yet chilling smile appeared on his face.

“Damn it! That Old B-----d and Alexander didn’t bring me through the [Elemental Gate]! Damn it! Shameless! Pisses me off…… Hehe, since these two dumbasses have to recover their strength first, I can go find something to drink first, haha!”

After the Undead Bone Dragon said that, he disappeared.


The scene in front of everyone changed, and it felt like millions of years passed by in just a flash.

When everything turned normal again, Fei was quite shocked.

In front of him, there was a thick forest. Various types of trees that had been around for ages covered the sky, and the green grasses were tall and filled this world. Hearing the noises made by birds and breathing in the fresh air, Fei felt refreshed. All the pores on his body opened up a little, and he felt like he was in heaven.

Fei never expected that the level 36 region in the Mythical Palace would be like this. There wasn’t any invisible energy barrier in the sky, and there weren’t any ancient structures. This was literally another world! The liveliness in this place was heaven compared with all other lifeless regions.

It was still Winter in the outside world, but it felt like Spring in this mysterious place. The air was moist, and the plants were green. It felt like this was literally in another world! If Fei wasn’t wrong, this was a small world that the super powerful masters in the ancient time could create; it was similar to the space inside Akara’s tent in [Rogue Encampment] that was created by their ancestors.

It turned out that the [Elemental Gates] were the entrances to this small world.

Fei only realized what happened after a while.

Beside him, there were the four old masters who were standing with him in the [Elemental Gate] on the northwest side of the altar. It was clear that the four of them entered this place for the first time as well as they were shocked as well.

Suddenly, Fei thought of something and looked around cautiously. To his surprise, he couldn’t see anyone else except for the five of them; all other masters who entered this place through other seven [Elemental Gates] were nowhere to be found. Fei used his Spirit Energy and scanned the area around him that had a one-kilometer radius, and he couldn’t sense those people.

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