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Hail the King Chapter 495.1

Chapter 495: Mystic Core Region (Part One)

“The level 36 region is probably huge, and perhaps the eight portals represent the eight areas in this place. Therefore, other masters such as Hazel Bank and that Royal Master of Jax were teleported to other places,” Fei guessed.

However, since they were in the same world, they would meet up soon. Fei wasn’t too worried about that.

“Ah!…… God! What are those? Dragon-Breathe Grasses? Am I hallucinating? There are Dragon-Breathe Grasses here? That much?” one of the old masters beside Fei looked at one side, and he screamed out of surprise. His eyes almost popped out of his eye sockets, and it looked like he saw something unimaginable!

Fei looked in the direction that this master was staring at, and he was shocked as well!

They were standing on a tall peak, and they saw a bunch of red mushroom-like grasses on another summit about 100 meters away. They were fluttering a little in the wind, and they were releasing clouds of red mists into the air that were more than ten meters long and wide. They were all over that peak, and they were emitting a sweet aroma. Fei felt a little dizzy after breathing in the air.

“They are actually…… Dragon-Breathe Grass!”

So much Dragon-Breathe Grass!!

Fei was shocked, and the legend about these special grasses appeared in his head. It was heard that there was a special type of Demon Beast called Red Dragon-Snake. Although they were special, they didn’t have strong reproductive abilities. There were less than 100 of them in the beginning, and there were still these Demon Beasts after thousands of years; they just won’t die. The unique thing about them was that they would swim towards the ocean. It was heard if they could get to the ocean, they would evolve into real dragons and soar in the sky! After all, dragons were at the top of the food pyramid

However, these special Demon Beasts were lazy and lacked persistence. In addition, they were self-centered and could easily get triggered. It was heard that they weren’t willing to move forward on the way, and they were also unwilling to go back to their birthplace. In order to vent their anger, they spat out the venom and poisonous gas in their bodies onto the rocks at the bottom of rivers and lakes. After getting corroded by such matters for thousands of years, the rocks all turned into herbs that looked like mushrooms.

This type of herb was known as Dragon-Breathe Grass.

Although the creation process of Dragon-Breathe Grasses was terrifying, it had magical effects.

It was heard that these herbs were delicious! After they were cooked, even the gods would drool over them. Also, masters who consumed them would be able to increase their energy and had the chance of getting Dragon Essence! A few lucky people had the opportunity of eating Dragon-Breathe Grasse, and almost all of them became Sun-Class Lords.

Of course, nothing was perfect in this world. Dragon-Breathe Grasses had their disadvantages. They would only mature after 1,000 years! All of them that were less than 1,000 years old were extremely poisonous! Even gods who were immortals would get killed if they consumed Dragon-Breathe Grasses that contained a thousand years’ worth of Red Dragon-Snakes’ venoms and negative energies.

Fei had been studying knowledge of herbs and natural ingredients with Akara for a while, and he was familiar with the legends around Dragon-Breathe Grasses in the real world. Therefore, after he saw the red mists in the air and smelled the sweet aroma, he knew what those strangely-shaped grasses were on the summit about 100 meters away.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The five of them almost flew to the other peak instantly at the same time.

Standing in front of rocks that had many Dragon-Breathe Grasses on them, the masters including Fei were excited. However, since they were all experienced people, they kept their guards up and blocked the red poisonous mist using their energies.

“Red mist? Sweet aroma?…… To bad…… They are only 900 years old! They aren’t mature yet!” Fei was very disappointed.

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  1. Pef

    “Red mist? Sweet aroma?…… To bad…… They are only 900 years old! They aren’t mature yet!” Fei was very disappointed.
    If one of the old masters said this, it would be fine. Old people might have read this somewhere.
    But the MC is a fuking chinese guy with no knowledge of this world, how the fuk he knows that red mist means the grass is only 900 years old?

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