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Hail the King Chapter 495.2

Chapter 495: Mystic Core Region (Part Two)

“Ah! It looks like we aren’t that lucky!”

“Damn it! I only have about ten years to live! But these Dragon-Breathe Grasses need another 100 years! Ah!”

“Do we really have to let go of the treasures? No! Since we encountered them, we have to get something! These are Dragon-Breathe Grasses after all!” some masters were unwilling to let go of this opportunity. One of them bent down and dug out one Dragon-Breathe Grass with a handful of soil underneath it. After that, he placed it in his storage space. Even though he might not be able to use it, his descendants could.

What he did inspired the other three old masters who were disappointed as well. They all dug out a few Dragon-Breathe Grasses with soil and kept them in their storage space.

However, these four old masters kept their greediness in check; they only took a few each. First of all, over-harvesting would ruin this gifted place and harm their own lucks in the future. Second of all, they were only able to come here with Fei’s generosity, so they felt like Fei deserved most of the treasures.

After Fei thought about it for a while, he shook his head and didn’t harvest any.

“Why aren’t Your Majesty taking a few just in case?” that old master with the whitest hairs suggested.

“I will keep them here and let them grow naturally. I still have opportunities to harvest them when they mature in the future,” Fei said. He was only 18 years old, and he was already a Moon-Class Elite. Right now, he had 300 years to live. If he advanced into the realm of Sun-Class, he would get 600 years to live. Therefore, he had handfuls of time to wait for these Dragon-Breathe Grasses to mature.

The four old masters all realized that as well. Fei’s powerful presence made they overlook that fact that he was only an 18 years old young man. After they thought about that, they got quite envious of Fei.

After getting some immature Dragon-Breathe Grasses, the five of them continued to move deeper into the forest.

It was heard that there was no danger in the level 36 region, and this place was like heaven to all cultivators. After Fei got in here, he felt like that rumor was true. There wasn’t any pressure in this world, and Fei and the other four old masters were able to fly in the sky speedily.

Within 30 minutes, Fei and the old masters were shocked again and again.

They had seen a lot of special herbs and plants in here, and they had various effects. The one thing in common was that they were all precious in the outside world. There were a few mature herbs that weren’t inferior to Dragon-Breathe Grass, and the five of them turned excited, then ecstatic, and lastly numbed in just a few minutes. They started to fill up their storage space like robots, and they felt like they were dreaming.

That old master who didn’t have many years to live got a [Silver Charlie]! This god-tier herb was able to add 50 years to a person’s life instantly, and that master cried in excitement. To him, 50 more years meant that he could cultivate more! Perhaps he could advance and increase his lifespan even more!

Fei and the other three old masters got a lot of stuff as well.

After spending some time in here, Fei clearly felt that this place was different compared to the outside world. All sorts of energy filled the air, and they were peaceful and calm, unlike the chaotic energies in the outside world. The energies in here were more suitable for direct absorption, and it was a cultivation heaven for masters who were on the verge of breakthroughs.

On top of that, the natural laws in this place were clearer. If the natural laws in the outside world were like abstract paintings that only the geniuses could understand, the natural laws in this Small World were like oil paintings that almost everyone could comprehend. Anyone who had some foundation would be able to sense the naturals laws and increase their levels rapidly.

“There are numerous treasures in here, and it is also a perfect place for cultivation! No wonder so many people fought for the opportunity of getting an [Elemental Gate].”

However, Fei soon woke up from the luring treasures.

“Guys, I have something important to do, so I must leave alone. Let’s separate from here on.” Fei waved his hand at these four old masters and planned to seek the Mythical Altar alone.

Although those four old masters wanted to stay with him, they didn’t want to interfere with Fei’s tasks and potentially negatively affect him. That old master named Rheinkel who had white hair and white beard thought for a while and reminded Fei, “Your Majesty, please be careful. After what happened, I don’t think Emperor kromkamp is going to let that go. He might try to kill you in here.”

“Eh, I know. I will try to be careful. You guys need to be careful as well. I’m afraid that he might try to vent his anger on your guys. It is better for you all to stay on the outer edge of this world and cultivate! After all, we could only stay in here less than 30 days.”

After saying that, that huge pair of sword energy wings appeared on Fei’s back, and he dashed away like a meteor.

“This young man isn’t simple! The Emperor of Eindhoven has been arrogant his whole life, and he might suffer some loses!” Rheinkel looked at the direction where Fei took off and thought.

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  1. Ryuunokebab

    Can’t he just connect this place with Diablo World like he did at the secret room where the skeleton is? And he can come and go as he wishes lol

    • genc

      The laws are different, so the teleportation wont work, thats how teleportation magic works i think.

  2. Thousand Vangs

    he let go of poison mushroom that even can kill gods! Insane! the value of that mushroom before maturity not less than after

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