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Hail the King Chapter 496.1

Chapter 496: Shocking! Sky Castle! (Part One)

“It is hard to see through this young man! His strength is terrifying as well! It is fortunate that we are friends with him. After we get out, we should establish a good relationship with the Chambord Kingdom! I have a feeling that this King of Chambord is going to one day shock the continent!” another old master nodded and said.

“Eh, you guys are right!…… We have collected enough herbs. How about we find an isolated place to cultivate? We can look after each other and try to break through our current levels in here! After all, relying on herbs and external resources won’t give us the most secure foundation!” another master suggested.

“Sounds good” they looked at each other and smiled.

They didn’t know each other in the outside world, but they were able to communicate and get to know each other after Fei brought them to the [Elemental Gate] together. They were all old masters, and their life limits were approaching. Their fates were similar, and that mutual understanding between them helped them to establish friendships. Therefore, the four of them found a natural cave on a mountain and started to cultivate.


With his sword energy wings on his back, Fei was more than 1,000 meters in the air while dashing forward quickly. The Mythical Altar he was looking for was more than 1,000 meters tall, and it seemed majestic and powerful. Therefore, it should be a huge target, so it was easier for Fei to look around in the sky.

This Small World was huge!

Fei flew for more than 50 kilometers, and he saw many mountains, forests, and waterfalls. This place was indeed beautiful, but Fei also sensed the energy given off by some powerful Demon Beasts. Fei even got chills when he got near them.

However, he still didn’t spot the Mythical Altar.

Fei kept up his patience and continued the search.

After almost half a day, Fei had almost searched an area of 500 kilometers radius. He had already gotten out of the forests, and he was now flying on top of a grassland. Unknown grasses were more than a meter long, and thick rivers flowed by. Hurdles of animals such as deer, sheep, and bulls were all running wild on the plain. Among them, there were powerful and vicious Demon Beasts.

This scene gave Fei a strange feeling; he felt like he traveled through space and appeared on top of the grassland in Africa on Earth. He felt like he wasn’t in a Small World created by powerful ancient masters but back on Earth!

After another half a day, he searched through this grassland and arrived at an area where there were a ton of hills.

Unfortunately, Fei still didn’t get anything.

The only good thing was that he finally saw the collapsed castles and buildings. Although he could only vaguely see some broken walls and bases that were covered by soil and weed, they were the only things that Fei saw were made by humankind in this world! Also, it seemed like the style of the buildings were similar to the Mythical Altar recorded on the [Demon King’s Wisdom], and it gave Fei who was losing patience some hope.

After passing by the hills, he saw a huge and rich plain; it was lively and vivid. Except for humans and intelligent species, almost all other animals and plants could be seen.

As Fei flew in the sky, he finally saw some abandoned buildings. There were castles, towers, farmlands, ponds, defense walls, corroded wooden houses, and tombstones…… All these structures had been around for a long time, and they were all deformed and rigged.

“Could it be that there are actually native people in this Small World? Otherwise, where did these structures come from? But there isn’t a single corpse…… It feels like all of the people who were living here all suddenly vanished! This is too strange!”

The more Fei observed, the more shocked he was.

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