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Hail the King Chapter 496.2

Chapter 496: Shocking! Sky Castle! (Part Two)

As he moved forward, he saw more and more structures created by humans. However, they were all abandoned for years, and there were no traces of living beings in them. After Fei moved forward for another 50 kilometers, something mystic occurred.

Fei’s dashing figure slowed down drastically for a second as if he was passing through a swamp, and that took only a second. After that, everything returned to normal.

“This…… It seemed like a very stealth energy barrier……” Fei thought as he turned around and looked behind him. Although everything seemed normal, he was sure that he wasn’t hallucinating! After he shook his head, he turned around and was able to continue forward. As soon as he looked up, his body shivered violently, and he almost fell from the sky!

“Oh f*ck! This…… A floating castle? A…… Damn! What? A Sky Castle?”

Fei felt like he was at a loss for words.

What was in front of him was a huge floating castle! It was about 600 meters off of the ground, and judging from its shadow on the ground, it seemed like it covered an area of three kilometers radius. Also, the bottom of the castle looked like a mountain that was flipped upside down.

Fei couldn’t sense any energy surges on this castle, so he didn’t know how it was able to float in the sky. A soft silver light enveloped the castle including its mountain-like bottom, and it seemed like a whole thing was made by silver. It looked majestic and holy, and Fei felt like it was the castle of a god!

In front of this miraculous castle, even someone as powerful as Fei felt inferior and had an urge of kneeling.

In fact, judging from sizes alone, Fei was like an ant, and this castle was like a huge dragon.

“How come I didn’t see this castle when I was far away? It felt like it just suddenly appeared here! Could it be……” After he recovered from the shock, Fei suddenly recalled that he passed through an invisible energy barrier. “Could it be that the energy barrier I just passed through could hide this castle? It hid this castle so well that I couldn’t even sense it using my Spirit Energy!”

This was the only reasonable explanation that Fei could come up with.

Flap! Flap! Flap!

Fei’s wings fluttered, and he slowly ascended and got to the defense wall of this Sky Castle.

The defense wall was made from an unknown silver-colored metal, and it was only 100 meters tall. There was a space more than one kilometer wide outside the defense wall, and a clear moat circled the castle. There were green grasses and blossoming flowers on the ground before the defense wall, and it looked like heaven! Fei felt like he forgot all the worries in his life when he got there.

Fei bent his back and touched the grasses with his hands. It was so real that it couldn’t have been a hallucination!

Staring at the defense wall that wasn’t too far away, Fei didn’t know what kind of emotion he should have. Shock? Surprise? Concern? Or Doubt? He felt like he was experiencing those emotions at the same time yet not really.

Fei walked to the moat, and he stepped into it. He instantly felt the chilliness of the water, and he disturbed a few small red fishes that were looking for food.

After passing by the moat, Fei finally arrived under the silver defense wall.

He looked up at this majestic castle that looked like the residence of a god, and he was shocked by its beauty again. He reached out his hand subconsciously and lightly caressed the defense wall.

He felt a warm and smooth sensation. Before he could react, he felt like a mystic energy pulled his soul, and the scene in front of his eyes changed.

Boom! A series of battle noises sounded by his ears.

Fei felt like he was on an ancient and bloody battlefield. The loud noises sounding beside his ears made him feel dizzy, and the thick murderous spirits couldn’t be dissolved.

There were a ton of blood mists falling in front of Fei, so he looked up habitually. He saw figures of powerful masters flying and battling in the sky, and the scene looked cruel. If a peak Full Moon Elite like Hazel Bank appeared here, he would be killed by the murderous spirits before he could join the battle.

It was terrifying!

The scene in front of Fei continued to change. Powerful masters were dying on both sides, and Fei finally saw clearly that the location of the battle was in this Sky Castle! There were humans, Orcs, Demon Beasts, and various other species and races. All of them were insanely powerful! They easily broke the space, and dashes of black cracks appeared in the sky……

If any one of these masters were currently living in the outside world, they would be dominating rulers and invincible warriors! It seemed like even Sun-Class Lords were nothing in front of them. However, even though they were insanely powerful, they were like ordinary soldiers in this battle! There were so many of them that they looked like ants, and it seemed like their vitalities were even weaker! They continued to fall from the sky one by one……

This battle could only be described as cruel……

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