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Hail the King Chapter 498.1

Chapter 498: The Mythical Altar (Part One)

Fei felt like his hands and the stone throne became one. As the dark-blue light grew stronger and stronger, more and more magic energy was pulled out of his body like a flood. Soon, the dark-blue light became so bright that Fei was enveloped by it.

In the next moment, Fei suddenly felt like the ground cracked, and the stone throne fell. Bam! As if he was on a turbo drop, he felt like the stone throne stopped falling after a few seconds. Soon, the blue light disappeared, and Fei was able to see things again.

“This……” Fei saw a majestic structure in front of him, and he was overjoyed!

“The Mythical Altar! Haha! This is really the Mythical Altar! Hahahahaha! I finally found it! I didn’t find it over days of hard searching, but it appeared right in front of me!” Fei laughed.

He didn’t find the Mythical Altar anywhere in this Sky City. When he was about to leave in disappointment, he somehow miraculously discovered it!

“So, the inside of this mountain and the bottom of the castle are hollow, and the Mythical Altar is situated inside of it! No wonder! The Mythical Altar is more than 1,000 meters tall, and it looks like a mountain! If I didn’t accidentally activate the teleportation arrays on this stone throne, I would never be able to find this Mythical Altar!”

Fei realized that he appeared inside the mountain with the stone throne after he activated the magic arrays on it. The inside this mountain was 60% hollow! The white stone that formed this mountain were emitting weak silver lights, and they lit up this space.

Right now, the King’s hands were able to move freely. However, he was still sitting on the stone throne. This stone throne was floating in mid-air, and Fei felt like he had the control over it. He was able to move it forward, backward, up, down, left and right at his free will.

In front of him, there was the majestic Mythical Altar.

It was more than 1,000 meters tall, and ordinary people couldn’t have created it. The craftsmanship and techniques required to build this structure were out of this world. If someone looked up at the altar from the bottom, they would feel like it was a pillar that connected with the sky. Beside this altar, there were 18 bronze warrior statues that were more than 100 meters tall each, just like what Fei saw in the image projected by [Demon King’s Wisdom]. These warriors were all Dwarf Warriors, and they looked like 18 Dwarf Kings who were enlarged by multiple folds.

Fei lowered the stone throne and started to observe this altar from the bottom up. This altar could be divided into nine levels, and each level was circular and stacked on top of each other. The diameter of each level was two-thirds of the level below it, and the ninth level was only a circular platform that had a diameter of about ten meters.

There were four sets of stone stairs on the north, south, east, and west sides of the altar. They were all four meters wide, they led from the bottom level to the ninth level on the very top, and there were 99 steps of stairs on each level. It seemed like the creator of this structure was in love with the number ‘9.’

After Fei got closer to the altar, he realized that there were numerous hair-thin magic engravings on it.

Fei didn’t dare to take a closer look. The magic engravings were complicated, and people who didn’t have enough Spirit Energy and Magic Energy would get their souls sucked into it if they forced themselves to look at it for a long time. Fei only took a quick peek at it, and he felt a headache and was sick to his stomach.

Fei didn’t take more detailed observations. Instead, he controlled the stone throne and flew to the highest platform on the altar. Then, he jumped off the stone throne and onto the ninth level of the Mythical Altar. He started to look for the place where the stained [Worldstone] could be purified.

Soon, the King’s eyes landed on a location.

In the center of this altar, there was a half-broken stone pillar. On top of the broken pillar, there was a thick black book. The cover page of the book was metal, and it looked strange with thorn flower-like metal decorative pieces on it. However, this book gave Fei a peculiar familiar feeling.

“Why does it look like [Demon King’s Wisdom]?” Fei finally realized why this book looked familiar to him. It didn’t matter if it was in terms of appearance or aura, this book was almost identical to the book [Demon King’s Wisdom] Fei got from that mysterious stone room. Looking from afar, they seemed like the same book.

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