Chapter 499: Two Half-Broken Stone Pillars (Part One)

After Fei got to the bottom of the altar, he walked around it and started to look for clues. It would take an average person at least half an hour to circle this altar.

To the north of this altar, Fei discovered something that he didn’t see when he was skimming through.

There was a huge skeleton on the ground. It was at about four meters tall, and its bones were a lot thicker than ordinary human bones. Except for those, it wasn’t too different from a normal human skeleton.

One thing for sure was that this person must be a powerful master when he or she was alive.

Even though this corpse had been here numerous years and the flesh on it were all corroded away, the bones were still tough and firm. Fei tried to test one of the thinnest finger bones, and he realized that it was several times harder than the [Demon’s Remains] he found in the underground cave in Chambord Castle.

For some reason, Fei thought of a person when he saw this corpse.

Emperor Kromkamp of Eindhoven.

“Perhaps this skeleton is one of his ancestors’. Only someone with a titan-like bloodline could be about three meters tall like Kromkamp!” Fei thought.

What was surprising about this scene was how this master was killed here years ago.

A half-broke stone pillar penetrated through this person’s body from the back, crushed through the heart, nailed him or her into the ground. It must have been painful for this master since Fei saw several shocking scratch marks on the ground.

This skeleton was slightly bent, showing that this master was trying to reach out to the pillar and pull it out. However, it was a fail, and he or she ended up dying here.

As Fei looked at this huge skeleton, he felt like he could visualize the terrifying scene where a half-broke stone spill flew down from the sky and nailed a powerful master into the ground!

“Wait! A half-broken stone pillar?” Fei grasped onto something.

He looked at the stone pillar that nailed this skeleton to the ground, and he then walked over. Instantly, he saw a half-sphere dent on top of the half-broken pillar that was six meters out of the ground.

Also, the rough surface where the pillar broke off matched the surface of the half-broken pillar on the ninth level of the Mythical Altar.

“Yeah! This half-broken pillar is the missing half of that pillar…… Someone broke it off and threw it 1,000 meters down here to kill this huge master!”

As Fei thought about this, he looked at the half-sphere dent on this half-broke pillar more and more. He felt like something mystic would happen if he brought this half-broken pillar onto the ninth-level of the altar.

Fei didn’t hesitate after thinking about that.

He looked around, stepped onto the skeleton, and wrapped his arms around this pillar. As he shouted, his Nightmare Mode Level 40 Barbarian unleashed all of his physical strength. The muscle on his arms bulged up and increased twice in size, and a visible energy surge expanded outward and dispersed into the area.

Boom! This half-broke pillar lightly shook as if it was going to be pulled out by Fei. However, it didn’t move after that. Even though Fei gave it all he had, he couldn’t successfully pull it out!

It was shocking!

No master in the Moon-Class could compete with Fei’s Nightmare Mode Level 40 Barbarian’s physical strength, and Fei was still not able to pull this half-broke pillar out of the ground. In comparison, it was hard to imagine the strength of the master who broke the pillar and threw it down from the top of the Mythical Altar.

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