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Hail the King Chapter 499.2

Chapter 499: Two Half-Broken Stone Pillars (Part Two)

After exhaling deeply, Fei summoned all of his items from Diablo World that could increase his strength. His [Strength] increased by 20 points.


He tried again, and the pillar shook more violently. However, he failed again. It felt like there was a strong suction force in the ground, and this half-broken pillar was hard stuck!

Since he couldn’t pull it out directly, Fei tried to dig holes around the pillar to loosen it up. Unfortunately, the ground was made from the unknown silver rock, and it was extremely firm. Fei tried his best, but he wasn’t even able to leave a small dent on it.

This finding stunned Fei.

The toughness of the ground was beyond his imaginable, and the rock that made up this mountain was probably not ordinary. This skeleton under his feet was able to leave several scratch marks on the ground! From the look of it, it seemed like even Sun-Class Lords couldn’t even do so. On top of that, another master was able to nail this half-broke pillar into the ground from the ninth level of the Mythical Altar and kill this powerful master on the ground. His or her strength was probably beyond reason!

“The secret to purifying the [Worldstone] must lie on this half-broke pillar! However, I still couldn’t pull it out yet. It looks like I need to enter Diablo World to level up first.”


After five hours, a blue portal suddenly appeared before the Mythical Gate, and Fei walked out it with fatigue written on his face.

In the last five hours, Fei completed the quest [The Arcane Sanctuary] by killing the monsters in there, and he also killed the boss [The Summoner] and completed the next quest. After that, he went to [Canyon of the Magi] to complete the quest [The Seven Tombs]. When the gaming time of the day was almost up, he found three fake tombs already. By now, he was a Nightmare Mode Level 42 Barbarian, and he put all ten attribute points into [Strength].

Before he returned to the real world, he went to the NPCs in [Lut Gholein] and bought a few great items that gave him more strength. He only returned to the Mythical Altar after he finished doing the proper preparation.

“I have to pull it out this time!”

Fei equipped all of those items and walked up to that half-broke pillar again. As he took a deep breath and shouted, all of his muscles went into overload. The loud booming noises made it seem like the ground was about to be torn apart. Even the mountain and the Mythical Altar were shaking slightly.

Little by little, the half-broken pillar that was deep into the ground got pulled out by Fei.

After ten minutes and several attempts, it was finally all out.

What surprised him was that the portion of the half-broken stone pillar was way longer than he thought; it was longer than 20 meters. Perhaps it was because that it was buried underground, its color was brighter than the portion that was exposed in the air. Its shiny metal-like silver color would make people think that it was a half-broken weapon like a spear rather than a stone pillar.

This half-broken pillar was 26 meters long in total.

Fei was sweating buckets and breathing heavily at this moment. This was the first time that he got this exhausted as a Barbarian; he felt like he was about to pass out. After drinking a bottle of [Stamina Potion] and resting for about half an hour, he finally returned to his normal state. Then, he opened up his silver sword energy wings and tried to fly back onto the ninth level with this half-broken pillar.

This half-broken pillar was extremely heavy, and Fei had to rest several times on the Mythical Altar. Due to the overload, the skin on his arms was torn, his muscles were severely damaged, and a lot of flesh on his fingers were ground away, revealing the white bones. The intense pain made Fei sweat even more, and the sweat-stained the entire half-broken pillar alongside the blood. In the end, this entire half-broken pillar got dyed red.

Fei had never felt this much pain and had never used this much energy before. He felt like someone was making numerous small cuts on his arms, and his upper body soon got numbed. However, like a robot, he forced himself to grasp onto the half-broken pillar and pulled it up using his iron will.

Even though Fei got severely injured a few times in Diablo World and experienced an insane amount of pain, they weren’t as unbearable as this. The thoughts of giving up appeared several times in his head, but he clenched his teeth and continued to move after thinking back to Angela and Elena.

Blood mixed with sweat, and they dripped onto each and every step of stairs on the Mythical Altar.

Finally, Fei successfully dragged this half-broken pillar onto the top of the Mythical Altar when he was completely covered by blood.

P.S. A big shout out to Joseph, Kulmala E., and Bangtan Fam! Thanks for the support on Patreon!

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  1. Zalpha

    The whole blood thing is a cool dynamic for it to recognize a new master. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Walensium

    Interesting chapter. Can’t wait for the next one. Looking forward to seeing what will happen with the World stone,

  3. OG

    I thought that art was from the book and is the skycastle? Is it ?

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