Chapter 500: Change in the Small World (Part One)

Fei was lucky that his Barbarian Character had so much physical strength. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible for anyone who wasn’t a Sun-Class Lord to pull this half-broken pillar out of the ground and move it up 1,000 meters onto the ninth-level of the altar.

After a moment of rest, Fei wiped the sweat and blood off of his face. He was still a little light-headed, and he felt like he respected those workers on Earth who had to move heavy loads of items up onto the mountaintop a lot more now.

After regaining some stamina, Fei endured the pain and took out a bottom of [Full Rejuvenation Potion]. When the injuries on him were healed, he roared, lifted the half-broken pillar, quickly dashed into the air, and placed this half of the pillar onto the one in the middle of the altar.

The stained [Worldstone] that had a mysterious red glow was perfectly embedded in between the two half-broken pillars, and Fei felt like that dent in the middle of the pillar was meant for this [Worldstone] since the two halves perfectly aligned with the [Worldstone] in between.

As soon as the two half-broken pillars were placed together, the half-broken pillar on the top lightly shivered. It felt like the two half-broken pillars were a couple that had been divided for thousands of years and the one on the top was crying in excitement.

A series of silver white lights appeared in between the two half-broken pillars, and a red light also shone on the stained [Worldstone]. The two lights grew from weak to bright, and unexpected changes were taking place. The entire process was indescribable.

Soon, the entire space inside the mountain was lit up by these two colors.

Fei was shocked to find that the crack between these two half-broken pillars was slowly disappeared. It wasn’t as simple as stacking the two half-broken pillars together, but the pillar was indeed healing itself like a muscle! Soon, the two half-broken pillars became one!

Fei suddenly thought of something else and was terrified.

If the two half-broken pillars combined into one, then how could he take out the [Worldstone] that was inside of it? Fei knew he didn’t have the strength to break this pillar again and take out the [Worldstone].

Then, he realized that it seemed like the pillar was absorbing the energy from the [Worldstone]. Also, Fei’s blood that was all over the pillar was slowly being sucked into the magic engraving on it as well!

The scene was bizarre.

Just as the King wanted to try to take out the [Worldstone] before this pillar completely recovers, a huge suction force suddenly came from the stone throne that was flowing in mid-air. Like a small iron nail in front of a powerful electromagnet, he was sucked onto the throne and couldn’t move at all.

Then, the most shocking change occurred.



Boom! Boom!

This entire Small World suddenly started to shake violently, and it felt like the entire space was about to collapse.

Some mountains instantly collapsed, some rivers immediately disappeared as the water fell into the cracked land, some forests were instantly lit on fire, some ragged structures were all destroyed, and the hurdles packs of wild animals screamed and tried to escape…… As the volcanos erupted, it looked like doomsday.


In the southern area of the Small World.

A huge bald man who was more than three meters tall stood on a mountain that was more than 1,000 meters tall and shouted, “This earthquake…… Could it be…… The legendary [Sky Castle] is found? Impossible! [Sky Castle] moves around and travels in irregular patterns! It was heard that only the Continental Martial Saint Maradona was fortunately enough to enter the legendary city once when he was young. After that, no one is able to find it anymore. How could it just appear now?”

This man was shocked and mad, and two dashes of light shot out of his eyes and flew towards the central area in the Small World.

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