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Hail the King Chapter 500.2

Chapter 500: Change in the Small World (Part Two)

After he finished speaking, he instantly dashed towards the source of the phenomenon.

A black and thin [Ghost Guard] was following him tightly.

This old man looked exactly the same as the person who got killed by Fei on the [Elemental Altar]. In fact, all of the [Ghost Guards], who were the Royal Guards of Eindhoven, cultivated the same evil technique. When they got to a higher realm, their fingernails would grow out and be as hard as combat weapons. Also, they would look as bad as ghosts, and their characters would change a lot; they would all become vicious and murderous.

This [Ghost Guard] was one of the best, and that was why he got the chance to follow Emperor Kromkamp of Eindhoven into the Mythical Palace. He had been serving Kromkamp for more than 30 years, and he knew this infamous tyrant well, and he had never seen him this anxious. At the moment, Kromkamp was filled with jealousy, and he also looked a little scared and flustered.

“Why is His Majesty this anxious? What is happening?” this [Ghost Guard] was confused, but the sudden shaking of this Small World brought him an ominous feeling.

The two of them continued to dash towards the central area.


In the northern area of the Small World.

The blue-haired mid-aged man who was walking in the desert calmly paused, and a concerned expression appeared on his face. He took one step forward, and he instantly appeared 1,000 meters away.

The two loyal yet silent guards had to sprint after him, and they were barely able to catch up. The three of them also quickly approached the central area.

The same thing was happening with other masters who were in the level 36 region.

The mysterious white-robed mage who had green pupils, Undead Mage Hazel Bank, Crown Prince Girano of the St. Germain Empire who had the Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon [Black Crystal Wand], the Mysterious Royal Master of the Jax Empire who had the Semi-God-tier Combat Weapon [Sand of Earthly Anger], and the weak people of the Holy Church who no one dared to attack all sensed the mysterious change occurring in this Small World and identified it source. They all started to dash towards the central area from where they were.

From what they know so far, they all believed that the mysterious and godly wonderland [Sky Castle] was about to appear.

[Sky Castle] only appeared once more than 400 years ago. However, its brief appearance created the No.1 Master on the continent, Diego Maradona.

Ever since then, the mysterious [Sky Castle] wasn’t spotted again. There had been many talented an lucky masters who had came to this level 36 region, but none of them saw this city that was floating in the sky.

Continental Martial Saint Maradona had revealed some information about how he encountered [Sky Castle], and it was very similar to what was happening today. Therefore, the masters who knew a little about it were all surprised, and they all headed towards the central area.

Of course, some masters were clear on their goals of collecting precious herbs and materials and advancing their realms in this world. The four old masters whom Fei brought in decided to stay where they were and continue to cultivate.



Fei was looking at everything that was happening in shock.

He wasn’t able to move as he was hard stuck on the stone throne, and the throne was emitting a silver light that protected him well. As soon as the two half-broken pillars were combined into one, a series of rumbling noises sounded as if it was a sleeping giant that just woke up. All of the magic engravings and arrays on the Mythical Altar were activated, and they lit up like the blood vessels in a human body. Fei’s blood that dripped onto the stone pillar now merged in with the magic energy, and thick beams of silver light appeared. There were nine thick beams of light on each level of the altar.

As soon as these lights appeared, the Mythical Altar started to rotate.

It was a majestic scene as each level on the altar was rotating in the opposite direction as the one below it, and their speeds were different too. Some were turning clockwise, some were turning counter-clockwise, some were fast, and some were slow. As if they were nine unstoppable wheels of fate, it seemed like they were combining tens of millions of possibilities and trying to calculate the past, the present, and the future.

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  1. AleffNull

    Wait wait wait wait a second! Diego Maradona a Martial Saint? WTF!? …. No, seriously, WTF…
    I’m from Arg. sooo… this is weird…

    PD: thanks for the chapter.

    • Ah, unfortunately, the author is a huge football fan. More big names coming soon. However, I think we will do a poll soon and ask readers if we should change up the names.

      • DeinFan ist hier

        Please change those names.

      • BD

        please change them. it really takes me out of the story everytime i read reallife names of famous people. the cities and empires are douable though.

    • Ritim

      It must have been Pelé.

  2. Zalpha

    Thanks for the chapter, it was really cool. On a side note I am glad I know nothing about soccer. The story is perfectly fine to me. XD

  3. Walensium

    Thanks for the chapter. Chapter 500!

  4. OG

    No name changes halfway through!

    This is f*cking AWESOME!

  5. Are you serious?

    Change the names, seriously?
    I don’t understand why do you think that you have the right
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    You’re the translator, not the author,
    so just translate,

    • noodletowntranslated

      looool everyone, come take a look at this self-entitled r*tard! Mannnn, they still do exist!!!

  6. Dusty Everman

    Is no one going to question why this Place is regarded as ‘unimportant’ by all the strong People, when the strongest Person on the ENTIRE CONTINENT apparently only became that strong because of that Castle, wich he found here?
    Why wouldn’t a few of those Sun-Class guys show up every time just on the off chance that the Castle maybe DOES show up?
    People apparently take ridiculously small chances like these ALL THE in this World.

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