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Hail the King Chapter 501.1

Chapter 501: All Done! (Part One)

The nine levels of the altar were rotating so fast that it no longer looked the same. The Mythical Altar turned into a cloud of silver lights, and it was hard for the human eye to catch it. Soon, huge silver runes and images got projected from the altar, and they circled the altar rapidly. There were people, animals, mountains, rivers, oceans, stars, lightning, weapons, structures…… The altar was projecting almost everything that existed in the world, and they stacked on top of each other or vanished.

Fei even saw himself for a few brief moments and didn’t know what it meant.

This unique and special phenomenon continued to take place.

As loud grinding noises continued to ring, it seemed like sparks were being created by the friction between the levels on the altar.

The only thing that wasn’t changing was the huge pillar that was standing on the ninth level.

When Fei was moving the half-broken pillar up the altar, a ton of his blood dripped onto the altar. At this moment, the blood all entered the tiny magic engravings on the altar. Soon, all of Fei’s blood that left his body got sucked into the altar, and the runes and images being projected by the altar started to react to Fei who was sitting on the stone throne. It was an extraordinary feeling; Fei felt like he and the altar were becoming more and more intimate as time went on.

As the altar rotated faster and faster, a ton of white holy light rushed out of the altar and merged with the huge pillar that was 30 meters tall. The white and red lights glowing on the pillar were like two troops that were battling each other, and it seemed like they each wanted to defeat their opponent.

Fei gradually figured it out.

The silver-white light was obvious the power of the Mythical Altar and the huge pillar which represented light and holiness while the red light was the evil hell energy from the stained [Worldstone]. The two light flames were mortal enemies, and they used the huge pillar as a battleground. If the white silver light won, then it would mean that the [Worldstone] would get cleansed.

Fei got anxious after he realized that.

If the red light won, the [Worldstone] would stay stained, and the two most important women in Fei’s life would forever remain in the coma.

Time slowly passed by.

As if this Mythical Altar sensed Fei’s mood, the levels started to rotate even faster. Like a super spinning top that was more than 1,000 meters tall, it felt like it was going to overcome gravity and fly into the sky. The rotating levels of the Mythical Altar soon created terrifying winds. Each gust of strong wind was equivalent to the strike of a powerful master, and they created many black cracks in this spatial dimension. Fortunately, the unknown silver rock that made up this mountain was unbelievably firm, and the crazy windstorm couldn’t leave any marks on the walls.

As the rotating speed of the altar increased, the silver light that the altar was giving to the pillar also got more intense. The powerful energy filled this space inside the belly of the mountain, and the air was even becoming more dense and thicker; it felt like the air was about to crystallize. If the silver light emitted by the stone throne weren’t protecting him, Fei would be sealed up and killed like the poor bugs in the ambers.

As the Mythical Altar got crazy, the red evil energy inside the [Worldstone] was being weakened. The holy energy got the upper hand, and the situation was developing in a direction that Fei hoped for.

Not sure if it were an illusion, Fei felt like he could sense all the detailed changes happening on the altar. He felt like he and the Mythical Altar was becoming one as they were somehow ‘blood-related’ and he could control this altar that was more than 1,000 meters tall. This altar was able to read his mind and help him without holding back anything.

Purifying the [Worldstone] was a complicated process, and it was very slow. However, it was more of a process of adapting and controlling the Mythical Altar to Fei. Ever since he felt that special blood-related bond, he realized that the Mythical Altar seemed to have its own life and intelligence. Like an animal that was just born, its mind was blank, and it was reliant on Fei. Like newborn children who would have 100% trust and reliance on their parents, it seemed like this Mythical Altar was willing to listen to Fei and follow his orders unconditionally.

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