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Hail the King Chapter 502.1

Chapter 502: Harvest (Part One)

Fei couldn’t contain himself. He laughed out loud, and the laughter echoed in this enclosed space.

Fei’s most concerned issue was finally solved.

Although he didn’t show anything on his face, he was enduring a ton of pressure! He was thinking about those two girls who were more important than his own life in his mind all the time. If he really lost them, Fei knew that he wouldn’t be able to live with that as his life would become pale.

“I can’t wait anymore! I need to return now! I need to wake up Angela and Elena as soon as I can!”

Once Fei got his hands on the purified [Worldstone], Fei no longer wanted to stay here. He wanted to use a teleportation portal and go back to save his women in Dual-Flags City.

Before he was about to leave, he suddenly thought of the skeleton of that giant. That skeleton was several times more valuable compared with [Demons’ Remains], it would be of great use once Hazel Bank could get his hands on it.

When Fei got to the bottom of the Mythical Altar, he was stunned.

That mysterious skeleton disappeared.

Fei didn’t see anything at where this skeleton was. If there weren’t scratch marks on the ground, he could have thought that he was in the wrong place. After all, a skeleton that was more than four meters tall couldn’t be blocked or hidden easily. However, it wasn’t there anymore.

Fei was shocked, and he sweated buckets.

“Undead? Could it be that? Did the skeleton get up on its own?” Fei though. “ It is impossible! I’m very sensitive to Undead Energy, and yet I didn’t sense anything…… Damn, what is going on?”

“Or could it be that the Mythical Altar was rotating so fast that the windstorm created by it blew that skeleton away? Is it at a corner? Eh…… I shouldn’t be anxious. Let me look around first!”

Fei comforted himself as he searched this entire space. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find it.

“Perhaps the black cracks that appeared had devoured it. After all, these black cracks are connected with the void……” In the end, that was all that Fei could do to comfort himself. However, he was still feeling a little uncomfortable.

After seeing the power of the Mythical Altar that that stone pillar, Fei was more aware of that giant’s strength. The windstorm and the black cracks that connected with the void couldn’t even leave a mark on the walls, but that giant was able to leave scratch marks on the ground easily. In comparison, Fei felt like when this skeleton was still alive, it was probably beyond the realm of Sun-Class…… He was perhaps a real god.

Only gods could leave marks on the insanely solid rock.

“But if this skeleton is really a god, then he won’t die that easily. I took that huge half-broken stone pillar off of the skeleton….. Did I accidentally revive and release a terrifying character? I hope it is only my imagination since I watched too much random scary movies in my previous life.

Fei couldn’t come up with an explanation after a while of thinking, so he could only forget about it. After he searched around for a bit more and made sure that he didn’t ignore anything, he was ready to leave.

After he returned to that stone throne, he injected some Magic Energy into the magic arrays on the armrests. Just as he expected, silver flames appeared on it, and the scenery in front of his eyes changed rapidly. Soon, he returned to the palace that was located at the summit of the mountain in [Sky City].

The palace was still empty. It looked the same, but it seemed like some changes occurred.

It seemed like the lotus-like plant that was living in the pond before the stone throne was more lively; it was in bright green, and its stems and buds were emitting golden lights that in turn lit up the palace, making the place look more holy.

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  1. I guess that evil energy enters the giant skeleton and becomes a Last boss.

  2. Wolfbrother

    And so skeleton king Leoric revived once again

  3. hikikomori hachiman

    Bet that baldy emperor is gonna get this skeleton or be controlled by it and gonna bring a lot of trouble to the Mc.

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