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Hail the King Chapter 502.2

Chapter 502: Harvest (Part Two)

Fei noticed that one of the nine buds on this plant was close to blossoming, and it was giving off an extraordinary fragrance. Anyone who smelled it felt refreshing.

After leaving that space inside the belly of the mountain, that stone throne didn’t settle down directly on the floor. Instead, it was still floating in mid-air, and it would move according to Fei’s will.

“Huh? This is interesting. On top of Blacky, I have another transportation method……” Fei found this throne unique as it once released the silver light flames to protect him, and he realized that this throne was indeed a treasure.

“I better keep it with me. With this stone throne, I would be able to enter the space inside the belly of this mountain at will. The Mythical Gate is a unique item, but it is too huge. There is no way that I could take it away with me,” Fei thought randomly. Before he could throw the stone throne into his storage space, the throne itself shivered a little before dashing into his body like a cloud of white flames.

“Eh? This…… I can control it with my mind?”

Fei was amazed. As he thought of something else, that mysterious stone throne was summoned out of his body. He was so smooth with the summoning process that it felt like he was controlling one of his own arms. The King didn’t know what was going on.

Too many things had happened so far, and Fei was a little numb to them. As if he was pregnant, there was now a stone pillar that was originally 30 meters in his body. Therefore, it didn’t matter if Fei had to host another item. After all, he was able to summon this stone throne, unlike that stone pillar which now lived in Fei’s body without permission and didn’t want to be helpful.

After getting used to controlling the stone throne, Fei sat on it and instantly got out of the palace. His speed was so fast now that even Emperor Kromkamp of Eindhoven and the blue-haired mid-aged man couldn’t be compared with him.

The stone gate flew above the summit of the mountain, and Fei was able to look down at the Sky Castle as a whole.

The night was about to pass by, and the sky was getting brighter and brighter. The entire Sky Castle was giving off a silver light, making it holy and majestic.

Soon, Fei’s face changed color.

Somehow, he felt like this city was giving him a different feel than before; it was more vivid and more intimate to him. Fei felt like the city was breathing when he was breathing, and it was moving according to his heartbeat. When he tried to spread out his Spirit Energy, it instantly enveloped the entire city.

“Huh? How come my Spirit Energy is so strong now……” Fei was shocked beyond belief. His Spirit Energy could only scan an area of 700 meters around him in this Small World, but it now covered this city that was at least ten kilometers in diameter.

It was an increase of more than five folds.

Fei was a little stunned. Ever since he found this wonderland-like Sky Castle, everything that he encountered seemed strange and couldn’t be explained by common sense. Since he couldn’t figure out the reason didn’t matter how hard he thought, he stopped thinking about the issues altogether.

He was anxious to return to Dual-Flags City, so the stone throne he was sitting on instantly dashed out of Sky Castle.

When he turned around and took another look, the Sky Castle was still majestic and breathtakingly beautiful.

“This Sky Castle is literally a city for the gods! No one else on the Azeroth Continent could have a castle like this. Hehehe, it would be great if I can have this castle under my control. I will hide it for now, and I will have all the citizens of Chambord move into it when I’m powerful enough. Once my loyal subjects could live in this floating city, Chambord would be able to break away from the rest of the continent and become an invincible elite empire!”

Fei started to daydream.

However, something magical occurred when he thought about that.

All of a sudden, a ton of bubble-like transparent dots appeared around the Sky Castle in silence, and they formed a huge transparent barrier that completely enveloped the Sky Castle. After a series of flashes of light, this huge and unimaginable city disappeared in front of Fei.

It literally vanished! It wasn’t a simple stealth trick.

The Sky Castle disappeared from this Small World, and it felt like it entered the void without leaving behind any traces. If someone didn’t have the spatial coordination, they wouldn’t be able to find it didn’t matter how powerful they were.

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  1. bobotoh

    ooh this felt like Mount Yujing on HN1F. sooooo jealous of Alexander’s Luck now.

  2. SirBootySlayer

    Did he get the castle or no? Seems like it just slipped away how it is written

  3. keith borja

    he would be sitting on the floating throne like Thanos. lol

  4. Vandes

    Maybe the skeleton fused with him. Lol

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