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Hail the King Chapter 503.1

Chapter 503: Narrow Road (Part One)

“It is really gone…… But why do I feel like I know its spatial coordination? The special connection between the Sky Castle and I is still here! It isn’t an illusion! I can sense where it is! If I can use this mysterious stone throne to travel through space and time, I should be able to find it.”

Fei thought as he swallowed his drools.

In the next moment, his heart started to race, and his mouth dried. He rubbed his temples as his body began to shake.

He suddenly realized what this all meant.

It meant that the Sky Castle only belonged to him from now on! As long as he had the stone throne, he would be able to find and enter it! Of course, he had to increase his strength and be able to use the stone throne to travel through space and time. Fei had already discovered that the power required to move with the stone throne was proportionate to the traveling distance.

After thinking about that, Fei pinched his inner thighs and tried to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming.

“How come I got this huge prize? How is this possible? What did I do recently to get this lucky?”

The King felt like he was a broke person who just won five million dollars! He was shaking, and he felt like shouting and roaring. Suddenly, his expression changed as he looked in another direction.

A series of powerful energy surge appeared……

“Someone is coming!” Fei already sensed the aura, and it was very familiar to him. He knew who it was, but it was already too late for him to hide. He only had time to put the stone throne into his body so that others couldn’t discover it.


An ear-piercing noise sounded. As a light dashed by, someone appeared in front of him.

It was Emperor Kromkamp of Eindhoven who was three meters tall.

“Huh? Is it you? Tell me, why are you here?” Kromkamp didn’t expect to see the King of Chambord here. He wasn’t trying to reserve his Warrior Energy, and his [Ghost Guard] was far behind him. He wanted to get here first and become the first person who found the Sky Castle. However, someone else got here first, and it was the person who he wanted to kill.

With a doubtful expression on his face, Kromkamp spread out his Warrior Energy. After doing some detecting, he didn’t find the legendary Sky Castle. He was sure that the origin of the violent fluctuations in the Small World was from here, but he couldn’t find traces or clues. This gave him a bad feeling.

After hearing Kromkamp’s question, Fei kept his cool and replied calmly, “Why can’t I be here? It is none of your business.”

The expression on Kromkamp’s face changed, and he thought, “Am I too late? Or did the Sky Castle appear already, and this damn kid got all the benefits?”

He focused on Fei.

After seeing that the King of Chambord wasn’t afraid of him and was strangely calm, Kromkamp was even more sure of his speculations. He stepped forward, release the powerful aura, and locked Fei down. After he did that, he put a spirit seal on Fei that was able to track Fei’s location even if Fei got away. Then, he sneered and said, “Just hand over the spatial storage items on you. I will let you have an easy death.”

It was before dawn and very quiet, a perfect time to commit robbery. Kromkamp was known as a tyrant, so he instantly decided to kill Fei and rob the benefits that Fei got from the Sky Castle.

He was willing to kill the wrong person rather than letting Fei go.

Fei wasn’t too scared to see this situation play out.

He had been expecting this. He had been very careful after he entered this Small World, and he had been trying to dodge this tyrant. However, this tyrant came to this place suddenly, and Fei didn’t have time to avoid him.

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