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Hail the King Chapter 504.1

Chapter: 504: You Lost (Part One)

“Humph!” Kromkamp snorted and didn’t say anything.

Hazel Bank also only sneered. Who was he? At his prime, he was able to fight against the Holy Church! Although he had fallen for a period of time, he was healed by Fei and was recovering at a fast speed. As a result, he saw this mysterious white-robed mage as an arrogant person, and he didn’t bother to answer him.

Fei shrugged his shoulder and didn’t reply as well; he won’t tell these people about the Sky Castle at all!

“Humph! Since none of you want to talk, then I will have to force you to……” this mysterious mage laughed as he looked at Fei.

It was easier to beat up the weakest one.

As he sneered, a cloud of his Spirit Energy condensed into several needles, and they were aimed at Fei’s temples and ears mercilessly.

It was clear that this mysterious mage learned a vicious Spirit Energy Technique, and it could penetrate its way into someone else’s mind and search for information in their memories. This method was cruel as one’s brain and consciousness would be destroyed after being searched this way, and even genius would turn into idiots.

Hazel Bank instantly sensed something, and he was scared. He shouted angrily and was about to unleash his Undead Energy. Even if his identity was going to be exposed, he had to save the King of Chambord. But just as he was about to do so, he suddenly saw Fei shaking his head with a confident smile on his face. Hazel Bank was surprised, but he forced himself to ignore the anxiety and waited for this to play out.

A quiet and invisible battle took place.

As soon as this mysterious mage used his Spirit Energy, Fei sensed it. On top of being surprised, the King’s competitiveness got awakened.

Ever since Fei started to cultivate Spirit Energy, he had never met an opponent who could compete with him in this aspect. After seeing that this mysterious white-robed mage mastered Spirit Energy, the King wanted to battle him and see who was stronger.

The battle between Spirit Energies was invisible and soundless. There weren’t any fancy collisions and splashing sparks, so the scene looked calm. However, it was a lot more dangerous. The power displayed in this battle was able to destroy mountains.

Around Fei and this mysterious mage, the blue-haired mid-aged man, the Royal Master of Jax, and the other powerful masters all sensed this, and strange expressions appeared on their faces,

However, people like Fairenton, Modoc, and the ones from the Holy Church didn’t know what was going on. But after seeing the expression on the powerful masters’ faces, they guessed that a battle that was unknown to them was happening.

Out of everyone, this mysterious mage was most surprised.

When the battle began, he didn’t consider Fei as a potential opponent. First of all, Fei was a lot weaker than him. Next, mages were known to have stronger Spirit Energy compared with warriors and were better at controlling. It would be a tragedy for a warrior to battle a mage in terms of Spirit Energy.

Soon, this mysterious mage was stunned by what he sensed.

He realized that his [Spirit Energy Spikes] couldn’t damage his opponent at all. Usually, he would easily destroy his opponent, but the pleasure that would come from crushing others didn’t arrive.

The [Spirit Energy Spikes] that he was proud of couldn’t even get within 10 centimeters of the King of Chambord, let alone piercing into his head to steal information.

As he was shocked, a vicious light appeared in this mage’s eyes. He unleashed all of his Spirit Energy and attacked Fei mercilessly.

Fei had to be very careful.

This was the first time that he encountered and battled someone who was stronger than him in terms of Spirit Energy. In the beginning, he only focused on his defense; he didn’t dare to be on the offensive just in case if his opponent grasped onto an opportunity.

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