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Hail the King Chapter 504.2

Chapter: 504: You Lost (Part Two)

Gradually, the King realized that this mage wasn’t a big threat to him. As he calmed down, he started to observe carefully. Soon, he discovered a lot of things.

This mysterious mage had at least doubled the amount of Spirit Energy as he did; it was like a vast ocean!

However, Fei’s Spirit Energy was denser and firmer.

If this mage’s Spirit Energy were like an ocean, then Fei’s would be like a piece of iron; one had the advantage of volume, and the other one had the advantage of density. It was hard to come up with a winner in a short time.

Even though this Spirit Energy battle would harm them if it prolonged, but none of them was willing to surrender.

This mage was determined to kill this genius, but Fei pretended that he was in a real disadvantage to steal the technique this mage was using.

By using the methods documented on the purple scroll, Fei’s Spirit Energy was pure and dense. However, the purple scroll didn’t mention how to control and use the Spirit Energy, so Fei had no knowledge in this area. It was like he had a billion dollars but didn’t know to spend it. It was rare for him to get some practical experience! Since this mysterious mage was proficient at controlling and using Spirit Energy, he was a great ‘teacher’ for Fei.

Soon, Fei figured something out.

After a few minutes, he successfully copied his opponent and created some [Spirit Energy Spikes]. Although there were less of them and their sizes were five times smaller than the ones this mage created, they were a lot sharper and dense. Even though Fei’s opponent had a ton of Spirit Energy, he couldn’t block Fei’s attack. As if iron needles were traveling in the ocean freely, the white-robed mage couldn’t do anything to Fei’s spikes.

“Haha! Old b-----d! You lost!” Fei laughed.

After the King got used to this attacking method, he started a full-on attack, and his [Spirit Energy Spikes] dashed at this mage’s head like lightning bolts.

Even though this mage tried his best to block the spikes, he couldn’t do much. After breaking through four [Spirit Energy Spikes] of this mage, Fei’s [Spirit Energy Spikes] easily penetrated through the Spirit Energy Shield this mage put up.

“Damn it!”

This mage was shocked and angry. After a muffled noise, his body shivered a little. It was obvious that he suffered a small loss. He started to back off and changed his positions several times, and he barely dodged Fei’s attack. He was terrified! He studied Spirit Energy a lot, and he knew what the consequences were if his opponent’s Spirit Energy entered his head.

The audiences were stunned!

No one expected this. Most of them thought that the King of Chambord would be considered as an extraordinary genius if he could hold his ground and not lose, but they shockingly realized that Fei actually won this invisible battle after seeing the white-robed mage backing off.

“A warrior won against a mage who is more proficient at Spirit Energy? What a miracle!” they thought.

“You…… Die!” green lights shone in this mage’s eyes, and he sneered as he put on a red magic shield on himself. Then, he waved his hand, and a powerful fire dragon dashed out of his hand and rushed towards Fei.

Fei laughed, and it was clear that he had been preparing for this. Rather than backing off, he moved forward and attacked proactively. Like a flash of lightning, he punched out as he flew forward, and he tore this fire dragon apart. Everyone gasped, and the King looked like the God of War who was invincible as the flames of the fire dragon dropped down around him.

Whoosh! Fei dashed forward again and attacked the mysterious mage! He instantly created more than 40 silver fist marks, and they flew towards the mage like death meteors.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

A series of explosions sounded.

Fei’s reaction speed was too fast, and this mage didn’t dodge in time. As the silver fist marks landed on the fire magic shield, sparks appeared, and winds blew in all directions. Multiple thin cracks appeared on the shield, and it felt like this shield was going to break at any moment.

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