Chapter 505: You Don’t Dare to Kill Me (Part One)

This series of attacks occurred in the blink of an eye.

Although this mage’s sudden and classless sneak attack surprised everyone, the King of Chambord’s insane reaction speed shocked them. Facing someone who was a lot more powerful than him, Fei didn’t back off but attacked aggressively. His attacks were merciless, vicious, and direct, demonstrating the character of a wild and ruthless Barbarian. The masters who were watching this felt like their mouths were a little dry.

Since this mysterious white-robed mage was surprised, he wasn’t able to react fast enough, and his magic shield got struck by Fei more than a dozen times. He was almost in a very dangerous situation.

Fortunately, he wasn’t a mage in the academies who could only teach; he had a lot of battle experience.

He instantly shouted as he waved his hands.

Whoosh! Limitless fire-elemental Magic Energy rushed towards him.

Natural elemental energies were abundant in this level 36 region, and the power of magic spells was significantly increased. After a series of chants, the fire magic shield in front of this mage became firm again.

At the same time, this mage cast several supportive spells on himself.

He floated to mid-air and backed off rapidly. Also, multiple magic runes appeared in the sky and created huge fire magic shields that were more than five meters tall. These magic shields surrounded him with bright lights, and they felt indestructible.

This was how mages battled; it was quite typical.

Mages had great long-range attacks but weak bodies, and warriors had strong bodies but could only execute short-range attacks. Therefore, it meant that the distance between a mage and a warrior of the same level was critical to the outcome of the battle.

Therefore, Fei was in trouble!

Even though the King had fast reactions and caused a lot of trouble for this mage, their difference in strength was too much! As soon as this mage unleashed more of his power, Fei’s attacks were easily dismantled. Then, he quickly moved back, and all the strikes that Fei prepared couldn’t be used.

“King Alexander of Chambord! You indeed surprised me! However, your performances end now! Today, you will die! No one can save you……” this mage said as he squinted his eyes. As dangerous lights appeared in his eyes, his aura turned more powerful.

Mid-tier Half Moon……

Top-tier Half Moon……

Low-tier Full Moon……

Mid-tier Full Moon……

Top-tier Full Moon……

Peak Full Moon……

As the fire-elemental Magic Energy surged around this mysterious white-robed mage, the expressions on the audiences’ faces changed from surprised to stunned to dumbfounded! Many of them knew that this mage was powerful, but they didn’t anticipate this level of strength!

Peak Full Moon Elite! This mage was only one step away from becoming a Sun-Class Lord and obtaining a life that was longer than 600 years! He was just one step away from becoming a dominating master whom even the high-up level 9 empires had to respect!

Such a terrifying mage!

Instantly, the audiences looked at Fei with pity.

Even though the King of Chambord had unlimited potential, that wasn’t equivalent to real power. Perhaps that he could one day grow into a dominating master, but he was still too weak in the eyes of this mysterious mage! There wasn’t any suspension! Everyone believed that the King of Chambord was going to die!

Since this situation took another turn, Hazel Bank had to get ready to battle! Once Fei was in danger, he would have to unleash all of his strength!

However, what the King did next was so shocking that almost everyone accidentally bit their tongues.

“Hahaha! No one can save me? Too bad, I’m afraid that I would have to disappoint you.” Fei wasn’t scared; rather, he was laughing confidently and proudly, “Old B-----d! I bet that you won’t dare to attack me even if you have 100 times the courage!”

“What? What did you say? Hehe…… Hahahaha! Idiot! You are an idiot! So, you think that your title as the noble of the little Zenit Empire will scare me? Haha, I’m not even afraid of your Emperor Yassin! You are only a small bug in my eyes!” This mage was enraged by Fei’s attitude.

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