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Hail the King Chapter 505.2

Chapter 505: You Don’t Dare to Kill Me (Part Two)

He started to sneer and looked at Fei as if he was already a dead man. In the meantime, he already began to chant a powerful high-level spell. He was planning to wipe this arrogant young King out with one spell completely to vent his anger……”

However, something mystic occurred.

Before he could finish chanting the spell that he memorized clearly, his expression changed, and he couldn’t finish the spell as if he was a rooster who got its neck clenched.

A series of golden flames rushed out under Fei’s feet continuously, and they felt majestic and divine. As if they represented the power of the gods, the weaker people in the area felt like kneeling.

It was the golden Holy Power!

This drastic change in the situation was beyond most of the audiences’ imaginations.

Except for the people of the Holy Church and Hazel Bank who knew about this identity of Fei’s, others looked at Fei as if they saw ghosts……

“The King of Chambord is actually a member of the Holy Church?” they felt like their brains couldn’t comprehend this information.

The person who felt the most unbelievable was the mysterious white-robed mage.

His face turned from pale to red and then red to black. His lips twitched, and his grey curly hair made him look like a clown. His terrifying peak Full Moon strength didn’t add to his dominating presence; instead, it made him look more tragic and sad.

He couldn’t kill this young King in front of him!

He didn’t dare to!

Even a dog of the Holy Church couldn’t be easily killed, let along a [God’s Favorite Child] who was like a strategic resource. If this white-robed mage really killed Fei today, he would be chased by the Execution Department of the Holy Church as soon as he went back to the Azeroth Continent. Even Sun-Class Lords were hunted down by the Execution Department of the Holy Church!

In addition, an Execution Team from the Execution Department was standing not too far away!

As everyone looked at them, the people of the Holy Church looked at each other and didn’t know what to do. In the end, young Priest Jessie walked out and stood behind Fei, showing his support. It didn’t matter how severe the battle between the shrines was, they had to stand with Fei to protect the honor and dignity of the Holy Church after Fei revealed this identity.

“What do you think, Old B-----d? Do you still want to kill me? Do you dare to kill me?” Fei didn’t try to hide his proudness and mockery, and he asked the mysterious white-robed mage who was in mid-air.

Actually, Fei probably could defeat this mage in a hard battle if he partnered up with Hazel Bank. However, that alternative was worse. If Hazel Bank’s real identity and his connection with Fei were exposed, Fei would be known around Azeroth Continent as someone who did business with devils in just a day. Even though this continent was huge, there was nowhere that he and his 20,000 loyal subjects in Chambord Castle could go to survive.

Of course, Fei still had a few other trump cards, but he didn’t want to reveal them yet.

There were multiple reasons why he decided to reveal his identity as [God’s Favorite Child]. Even though he was faking it now, there was the possibility that he could become a real one. If someone weren’t the mortal enemy of the Holy Church and had golden Holy Power, he or she would be a candidate for [God’s Favorite Child]. Fei was trying to use these people in the area to spread the word for him, and he could wait for the Holy Church to ‘recruit’ him.

However, Fei didn’t want to work for the Holy Church. It was just that the identity of [God’s Favorite Child] and the name of the Holy Church were huge deterrents. It would be great for both Fei and Chambord! At least anyone who wanted to attack Fei and Chambord had to reconsider the potential consequences.

The mysterious white-robed mage was furious, but he didn’t say anything.

Lights were flashing in his green eyes, and these lights were sometimes dangerous, sometimes soft, and sometimes mad and crazy. It was clear that he was hesitating. If he wanted to kill Fei and not let the Holy Church know about it, he would have to kill everyone present. However, that was a big challenge.

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